Hi everyone I’m Essa living in Singapore, the sole writer of  Travel . Eat . Shop and this is a place where I just want to keep some memories and rants of my life. I speak fluent English, Korean and Mandarin as well as some bits of French and Italian. Everything written on this blog are my personal views. I will rate the foods, places and products from worst – no heart to really excellent and worth trying – 5 hearts maximum. You can use that as a guide but once again I want to emphasize that its based on my personal preferences.

I graduated from events management but chose to go into the music line and have been working as a piano teacher for 8 years. And it’s been several years I devote some of my time into freelance journaling as a traveler and food columnist under a media agency for various lifestyle magazines and as a media influencer for events. Some of my posts are sponsored and some may be a tasting invite but I’ll be truthful to what I write and honestly review them fair. Very importantly, I do not purposefully do advertisements for any establishments here.

Although this blog is very similar to what I’m doing as a columnist, I try to keep things organised with the mind of having a blog as a hobby instead.  I do my best to write something different in the midst of my busy schedule thou you might realise there might not be new posts regularly if you do check out my blog so often. But I make sure there are constant updates here and there hence the blog is not dead ;)

Photographed by Bonnie Yap
Photograph by Bonnie Yap (http://www.bonnie-yap.com)

I use Samsung NX1000 camera, Samsung Tablet & Samsung Note mobile for taking the blog’s pictures. Some people mistaken me for a fan of Samsung since all my gadgets are from this brand. Well I’m not considered a fan. It is a brand I felt is easier to use (I have owned other brands before! But its only my habits and I’m not putting down any other brands).Do not ask why I don’t use a Canon or Nikon camera, simply because I don’t own them.

While I gladly post pictures I personally have taken uploaded onto this blog, I would so appreciate people would just leave a comment or so in a positive way. I do love to hear from your experiences and please share with me too but other than that I really don’t welcome people who enjoys criticising on others’ writing or photography skills. Disclaimer: I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER NOR AN ENGLISH TEACHER! There may be typo, grammar or spelling errors but I think its not a big problem if you are sincere in finding information related and helpful to what you need, it shouldn’t matter.

For invites to tasting sessions, private previews, sales, reviews and events so on, please contact me thru email.

Lastly, keep reading and I hope you find something useful!