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Zelen @ Itaewon

Itaewon is a nice Bulgarian restaurant operated by a pair of native Bulgarian brothers.

Shopska Salad, a very refreshing tomato, cucumber, onion and capsicum salad. Topped with lots of white bulgarian cheese and a fermented olive. The taste is clean and appetising. Very suitable for ladies.

Peach Margarita, light peach lilt in vodka, much stronger in liquer taste rather than fruity scent. Its a sweet acoholic cocktail.

The waitress and waiters here are very on the go. Alert to any customers needing attention. The restaurant have a very uplifting mood and is so lively with the music played thru the amplifier.

Beef steak is cooked medium, witb sweet caramelized onion served in rings that probably equals to 1 whole onion. The red meat was extremely tender and juices were retained! Potato was roasted so sweet and fragrant, with other side vegetables like carrots and broccoli were cooked and seasoned beforehand. I found the mint liquer sauce was a tad too sweet thou but it still complimented well with the beef.
Hats off to the chef! He is a korean, name is Tad, and in charge of steaks for the day I visited.

Well I had lunch at Chaugi then followed on by dinner at Zelen, I would say that Zelen suited my palate better and probably also due to the lack of bulgarian dishes in Singapore. It was extremely interesting in taste, like I found a new world.
Chaugi is like a refined lady while Zelen takes off a spin from dances. Very distinctively different style on the two restaurants.

The bosses here are brothers, namely Filip and Mikal, both from native bulgarians. The furnishings are really bulgarian styled and music has the vibe.

The staff may not know about their food so well, like the next table beside me, had skewered meat and requested for the half a onion to be sliced for consumption as well as sauce to go along. While the main lady supervisor could agree to everything, the lower ranked staff did not know it could be done. The young man that served them was a part-timer. Quite typical of all part-timers. later on, the raw half onion then went to the kitchen, came back as a light grilled sliced onion, very sensible of the chef.

I came at 6.30pm with the restaurant only 1/5 filled but by 7.30pm, the whole place is full and if you dont make a reservation, you will need to wait for quite awhile since the people here do drink, linger, take their time and also take photographs with the celebrity chef Mikal.

The place is really bustling with happiness and laughter. A good place for gatherings, meats and great time over a drink.
the have an extensive menu of drinks, mostly for whole bottled for sharing.

Cafe Latte has no sugar as like most of the places in korea. The proportion of espresso and milk is very good. The taste is balanced and a good round up for the hearty meal.


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