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Product Review: DIY Charcoal Mask vs. 我的心機*黑拔膜 Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask

Charcoal has been popularly used in the recent years and its clarifying properties are much loved after. It was such a welcomed ingredient by  Japanese that they made many types of food with it such as bread, pastries, burgers and even transforming it into water purifying stones meant for use in drinking water. When you step in to their 100 Yen stores, you are bound to find items made of this ingredient. Take Daiso for example, they sell a peel off type of Charcoal Mask that was immensely popular with both ladies and men, its always sold out in stores. The charcoal mask claims to whiten, tighten and cleanse skin of sebum dirt. These items are often coveted by oversea fans as well.


The DIY Charcoal Blackhead Peel-Off Mask:

I am sure many would have seen those DIY charcoal powder & Elmer’s glue blackhead peel off mask videos on instagram, snapchat and youtube etc. To make this DIY, all you need is some activated charcoal powder and a good amount of Elmer’s glue. You mix them up till its of a good consistency like the ones sold in stores. I was pretty attracted to and very tempted to try out after watching the videos. It does work to pull some blackheads and cost much cheaper than some ready to use ones sold on the market now (I measured the amount, compared and conclude they really can’t beat the price of the masks sold in 100 Yen stores which are the cheapest alternatives available.). But a question struck me was on the usage of a craft glue in the DIY for a beauty routine and its peel off strength would it actually be bad for the face’s skin? Those beauty bloggers claim these glues they used in the DIY are non-toxic and no doubt it is.

Well, we certainly can throwback and reminisce the previous time when it was that we had used an Elmer’s glue and commonly would be during an arts & craft project. I used to love the feeling of how it peels off from my hands and even had it came together with a set of girl’s beauty nail play set bought from Toys’ R Us. That was a substitute on the commercial nail glue as a much friendlier solution for children to remove the stick on nails just by peeling it off. Remembering clearly that it was labeled as non-toxic too.

However, putting this DIY can prove to be painful for the face’s skin and my skin which is a combination skin, shows redness after the peel off. I highly suggest if you want to try this out, the coverage should be thin and used mainly on T zone only. I followed the videos where most people applied the DIY to their whole face and I teared while attempting to peel off the mask. The DIY seems to work pretty alright with blackheads and lots of fine facial hair removed as well. But for my skin on cheek area is dry, it stinged and I felt quite uncomfortable.

Overall, I would rate this ♡♡♡ out of 5.

What sets apart the commercialized peel off products from the DIYs are obvious. The DIY blackhead removal technique only requires 2 ingredients and a good mix to get them into a paste form. On the other hand, the products available in the market contains more chemicals but advantage is its instantly ready to apply. Worthy to note that like many beauty products, one of the ingredients formulated is paraben (which works as a preservative to prevent bacteria formation in the products). The amount of paraben in a product is usually being tested and approved if its amount is good under control.


我的心機*黑拔膜 Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask


Many might have seen and tested on this product. This is the Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask from My Scheming that’s advertised on 女人我最大 and endorsed by Ella from S.H.E. The masks from My Scheming are hot items and it’s reviews are really good. This mask here is a peel-off mask that works to clear pores of sebum and blackheads while cleansing and whitens by the ingredient of activated bamboo charcoal formulated (yea, its named as carbon instead).

I would like to share my experience of using the Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask. And if you are like me also wondering whether a commercial product or DIY mentioned above would be a better choice, this article will give you a comparison.

I usually rely on Japanese brand – Biore’s pore strips and previously have used Korean brand – Tony Moly’s egg scrub, egg pore and egg pore tightening (I did have some experimental use on other products but they did not turn out so great).

The Tony Moly eggs shown pretty good results but it was expensive to have to buy 3 eggs to complete the set of routine.
So last year, I started using the Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask (bought at SGD $16.90 from qoo10) and alternating between with Biore and Etude House pore strips.

I would say the Etude House is my least favourite but I had no choice as to clear what’s available at home since I bought quite a few packs when it was on sale. I tried both the green tea nose pack and the charcoal chin pack.

The green tea nose pore strip had a wierd scent while the charcoal one is unscented. Personally felt that both strips had little peel off strength and wasn’t clearing my pores enough as it should be. Overall ♡ out of 5.

Biore’s pore strips were the original ones that was invented and these made-in-Japan ones were easily available at any nearest drug stores or supermarts. While they work pretty decent in removing stubborn blackheads, it still misses the finer areas at times. I use them about bi-monthly and they are quite reliable in clearing my dirty pores. Overall ♡♡♡♡ out of 5.

But what I liked most was the Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask. The set comes with a ‘Deep Pore Demineralized Water’ that softens the blackheads for easy removal, the activated bamboo charcoal mask itself and a ‘Skin Clarifying Pore Treatment Water’ that tightens your pores after the peel off.

So first, I apply the ‘Deep Pore Demineralized Water’ to soften blackheads and sebum dirt after my normal cleansing. I added an extra step of washing it off with warm water to open up the pores further. Then I appy the black mask on the areas of concern and wait till its dry and ready for peel off. After peel, wash off any residue and rinse with cold water. I gently pat some ‘Skin Clarifying Pore Treatment Water’ onto areas to tighten and minimise pores. It had a soothing sensation at the end. Sometimes I feel fancy and I add another round of toner to make sure my pores get a good round of closing.

My very first attempt was around the nose and cheek area. Its lightly scented but I can’t really make out what it smells like. The peel was easy and painless. And the result? Blackheads were lifted and same as the DIY type, it pulled out my fine facial hairs too. This could reach out to the corners of the nose and clear off blackheads more thoroughly unlike the strips. My skin felt smooth and soft with no signs of irritation. I was in love with it since.

Even when the mask is applied on the whole face, it was absolutely comfortable during the applique, when and after peel off too. It sure did hurt a tiny bit when I peeled off near the edges where some baby hair grows but this was way much less torturous than the pain suffered on DIY peel off. Overall ♡♡♡♡♡ out of 5.

So I have come to a conclusion that I will just pay for the commercial product in this case to avoid going thru some suffering. What’s more, the Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask is a 60ml tube that could last me for more applications as compared to the DIY where the glue runs out faster. It isn’t that much of a difference in terms of cost at least.

I have passed my judgement and its your choice to decide which works out better :)
Try them out and comment below, let me know what you used!


One thought on “Product Review: DIY Charcoal Mask vs. 我的心機*黑拔膜 Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask

  1. Me gusto esta puaoicbciln, ademas de que hay que invertir tiempo y dinero, me gusto mucho la verdad del enfoque, la mayoria se meten en mil cosas y acaban haciendo ninguna, la mente se satura y lo ve imposible o demasiado dificil y hace que abandones, luego nada es el resultado. lo mejor es hacer algo que funcione bien y enfocar energia y tiempo en eso

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