Summer Butter Chicken Salad

Last summer was a festive to eat up refreshing salads and its no different this year.  This time I’m on a foodie mission of eating a great load of Thai honey mangos and whipped up this quick and diet friendly salad that tastes as amazing as the Summer Peach Salad. You never need a salad dressing for this as all the natural juices from the fresh ingredients makes it absolutely delicious on its own. It’s so easy to make and perfect as a sandwich stuffing too!



250g chicken fillet
1 Thai honey mango
1/2 avocado
10g butter
2 tablespoons mirin
Dried rosemary herb
Fine salt
Ground black pepper



1. Cut chicken fillet into thick slices.
2. Marinate chicken slices with mirin, some salt and black pepper, and finish off with a dash of dried rosemary. Massage thoroughly and leave aside.
3. Cut avocado and mango into cubes.
4. Heat the butter in a flat pan.
5. Grill chicken in pan till nicely browned. (It is fine to pour in the marinate sauce leftover to cook.)
6. Assemble chicken, avocado and mango in a bowl and give a final sprinkle of rosemary again.

Try out and give a comment if you liked this recipe! Also check out Summer Brussels Salad my all time favourite hot salad for summer!!


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