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10 Reasons Why We All Must Watch Nanta (Cookin’) 2016 & Giveaway worth $196!

Singapore welcomes Nanta (Cookin’) again to our sunny island and they are back with more loud bangs this 2016!

You know I’m totally a Nanta fan and in the previous related post I taught you guys the tips on buying tickets online to watch Nanta performances when you are travelling to Korea. This round, I’m going to unravel some of the most exclusive things you ought to know about Nanta and why you need to immerse yourself in this acclaimed Korean group performance.

(Pic credit: PMC Production)


TravelEatShop is proud to be engaged in an official interview with the producer and performing cast so here is a concluded

10 Reasons Why We all Must Watch Nanta (Cookin’)!


1. Its a box office HIT!

Since its premier on October 1997 in Korea, NANTA (Cookin’) has been one of the most popular shows from its country.
(Pic credit: TravelEatShop.wordpress)

This is a highly successful non-verbal comedy performance that has reached out to over eight million of audiences worldwide including the U.K.,Japan, GermanyAustralia and even Broadway since its debut. Its rated as one of the 5 Korean performances that you Must-Watch by the Korea Tourism Organisation as well.

“High energy experience with infectious rhythms.” – The Guardian

It was a sold show in its previous debut in Singapore on 2014! So step up your game of knowing Korean trends by getting yourself a ticket to the all-time favourite of the Koreans. Now you don’t even need to take a plane to Korea for the performance. This got to be on your bucketlist and checked! Tickets are available at Sistic.


2. Absolutely CAPTIVATING!


(Pic credit: PMC Production)

Nanta (Cookin’) is knitted with an interesting story-line accompanied by strong sense of musical beats throughout. Its an amazing theatrical spectacular of Master Chef meets Stomp. The professionally trained chefs bring a whole new experience by combining the art of music and culinary to create magic on stage, the likes of which you have never seen!


3. Its a Beauty & the Beasts star-studded cast!

Meet the brown team.


(Pic credit: PMC Production)

Coming to perform in Singapore this year is the Brown Team, which consists of Manager – Tae Wan Kim, Head Chef – Chang Hwan Ko, Hot Sauce – Hye Jin Yun, Sexy Guy – Ho Yeoul Sul and Nephew – Dong Hoon Nam.

Anticipate the dramatic spurts of action in this performance by the team. They have been very experienced in bringing you the best Nanta (Cookin’) can offer.

“The most important characteristic we look out for is definitely passion and determination. It is an added bonus if one is talented in various fields as well. NANTA is a live performance, so being able to react quickly and think on your feet is a good quality to have too. All cast go through at least six months of training prior to performing on stage and through the training they will learn cooking skills as well.” – Nanta Producer, Mr Seung-Whan Song on how Nanta chooses its crew members.

Nanta Producer, Mr Seung-Whan Song


Now I can’t wait to see the hot guys and girl’s great chemistry onstage!


4. This show is suitable for the whole family!


(Pic credit: PMC Production)

You can bring your kids, spouse, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, bff… and in fact EVERYONE to enjoy this performance! The audience age group is targeted to a wide limit, ranging from as young as 4 years old (parental guidance is needed for children) all the way to the golden senior ages. Who says young and old cannot attend and enjoy a performance together? I bet ANYONE can’t fall asleep and snore on this. Its way too interesting!


5. Get aspired to be the next MASTERCHEF!

A kitchen comes live onstage.


(Pic credit: PMC Production)

Don’t possess a body of culinary skills? Let Nanta aspire you to be the next chef! Watch this performance as they bring you through a series of comedic actions using the most recognisable kitchen utensils and common agriculture to cook and dance to the beats. See the theatre thrown into an explosive performance as aromatic smells of food fills the stage and chefs race against time to pull together a wedding banquet. Will they complete in time?


6. We lo♡e VEGETABLES!


(Pic credit: PMC Production)

Expect agriculture included in the making of the show. Lots of ingredients are used and if you just count only the main vegetables, about 10 cucumbers, 7 carrots, 5 large onions, and 7 heads of cabbages are played in this chopping drama. Keep your eyes open and you might even be able to catch a vegetable or two to bring home!


7. Its a show come ALIVE ! 


(Pic credit: PMC Production)

Watch the charismatic team dance to the momentum and put on a very interactive show that involves engaging all the audiences in their seats.

“NANTA is a performance that interacts with the audience a lot. There is some sort of chemistry between us and the audience. With an enthusiastic and cheerful audience, the chemistry is fantastic, making us deliver 200% of our energy. So, it is an exciting challenge for us to achieve that chemistry with a different audience every time.


An interesting experience that we go through during each overseas performance is also related to the audience. As the culture differs from country to country, the reaction that we receive is quite different as well. In some countries the audience are rather shy and tend to be reluctant when it comes to expressing their feelings while in others the audience are very active and enthusiastic. Yet, whether shy or active, it is always a great challenge and pleasure interacting with the audience.

We heard that the Singapore audiences are very enthusiastic and energetic, so we are really excited and believe that the 2016 Singapore NANTA will be one of the most powerful and dynamic performances ever! We are really looking forward to the reaction of the audience in Singapore! ” – Nanta Crew


Singapore, put your hands up and let us all groove and get swoon over by the beats!

Its LIVE and its FUN! What more can we ask for?!


8. Cos’ moments are priceless!


(Pic credit: PMC Production)

If you ain’t following my site and the previous post on Nanta, then you need to know this extremely IMPORTANT PART! There are always surprises you need to watch out for and one of which is a special invitation to random audiences. May you be one of the luckiest winner to go perform on stage together with the brown team and win away a one-in-the-world only limited edition gift!

I have been lucky and encountered this explosive happening! Sharing my experiences on how you can increase your opportunity of getting picked HERE.


Don’t be a bummer and keep reading on … because all great things need to be shared :)


9. We all love discounted tickets and promotions!

Don’t miss this chance to catch Nanta (Cookin’) on the 3-5 June at the Resorts World Sentosa Theater! Tickets are available at Sistic.

Nanta (Cookin’) & The Painters: HERO 2016 is presented to you by Resorts World Sentosa & Red Spades Entertainment. Enjoy 30% discount when you purchase both shows together!*

Through All SISTIC Channels
30% Discount for Package Deal
[Applicable with minimum purchase of 2 tickets per show]
[Applicable to Cat 1 to Cat 3 and Premium]

20% Discount for Child (4 to 12 years old)
[Applicable to Cat 1 to Cat 3 and Premium]
[Must be accompanied by at least one (1) adult]

20% Discount for Senior Citizen (60 yrs and above)
[Applicable to Cat 1 to Cat 3 and Premium]
[Applicable with patron aged 60 years old and above]
[Verification: Present valid ID or Senior Citizen Card upon purchase at the counter or upon entering the entrance]

15% Discount for MasterCard
[Applicable to Cat 1 to Cat 3 and Premium]
[Applicable with purchase ticket using MasterCard for transaction]

*15% Discount for MeClub Members
[Applicable to Cat 1 to Cat 3 and Premium]
[Verification: Redeem for discount code from app. Quote valid promo code upon online purchase or present e-voucher upon purchase at ticketing counters]

*20% Discount for NTUC Members
[Applicable to Cat 1 to Cat 3 and Premium]
[Verification: Present valid card upon purchase at the counter or quote valid password via hotline or internet purchase]

* – Not Applicable Through SISTIC Mobile.


10. Its a bonus … YES!!
Travel . Eat . Shop is giving away pair of tickets (worth $196) to a lucky reader to watch this action packed show on 3 June, 8pm!

(Pic credit: TravelEatShop.wordpress)


To win, simply read this post “10 Reasons Why We All Must Watch Nanta (Cookin’)!”, and follow the steps below

1. Like & Follow Travel . Eat . Shop on WordPress / Facebook / Instagram.
2. Share the post.
3. Comment with a reason why you need to watch this and tag a friend you want to bring along!

Its that simple and you might see yourself heading for some extraordinary chopping action!

^Terms and Conditions
This giveaway is only open to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents of Singapore.
Winner will be announced on 30 May 2016 10:00.

This event has ended. Thank you all participations on this event.
Please refer to Facebook for winner of this giveaway.


One thought on “10 Reasons Why We All Must Watch Nanta (Cookin’) 2016 & Giveaway worth $196!

  1. I would like to win tickets for Nanta (Cookin’) because I love cooking and hope to be inspired with ingenious and creative ways of cooking Korean food fusion with local cuisine so that I can prepared and dedicate to my dearest and beloved mother to show my love and appreciation for her ! I also would love to see how knives and kitchen utensils can be transformed into musical instruments creatively infused with acrobatic cooking moves by chefs as I may even learn their moves and show to my mother to keep her entertained too !

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