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8 facts you need to know about The Painters : Hero LIVE in Singapore 2016 & Tickets to be Won!

With the Kpop craze and Korean cuisines blazing extreme popularity in Singapore, there’s actually more to just fan drooling and indulgence on Korean Bbq, fried chicken or a bingsu. Catch up from the Hallyu trend, don’t miss this chance to watch the witty Korean art comedy – The Painters: HERO that will be performing LIVE in Singapore on 10-11 June at Resorts World Sentosa!

superb-demostration-of-light-scratching.jpg.jpeg (All pics credit: Pentatonic Inc.)

TravelEatShop is proud to be engaged in an official interview with the original producer and performing cast so here are

8 facts you need to know about The Painters: HERO


1. These hot Korean guys are here to mesmerize you. 

Members of Chaplin Team.

Performing in the shows for The Painters: HERO LIVE in Singapore 2016 is the Chaplin team, a group of 4 Korean guys with the best onstage chemistry. Consisting of Kwon Woo Ram, Hong Bo Ram, So Kwang Min and Kang Shin Koo, they will show you what Korean Oppas are also capable of artistically rather than just coming up with cheesy pick-up lines in Korean dramas. With bagful of experience, its no wonder they rose to fame from previous oversea performances. We are all set to get blown away by their act!


2. The brain behind this fabulous show is also the CEO and Producer.

Mr Kyu Jeong – CEO of Pentatonic Co. Ltd.

This is the man of creativity. He is the one producing The Painters: HERO that has reached out to more than 2 millions of international audiences.

“For most people, art is regarded as a sophisticated hobby only to be enjoyed at an art museum or gallery. With this show, I was hoping to make art more accessible and more enjoyable to the public in general. Therefore, I conceptualised The Painters: HERO, to make ‘art’ interesting yet entertaining and fun. The idea slowly evolved and while there is no script, we’ve got a strong story going on which includes comedic moments so the audience goes away having a good time with art instead of being boggled by something they fail to understand or appreciate.” – Mr Kyu Jeong

That is him turning art into an easy to digest form for all ages. No longer arty farty, anyone can close-up with art now through the simplest to comprehend medium. This show is great for the whole family!


3. Don’t fret if you can’t understand Korean.

Dust painting live onstage.

Don’t shy away from Korean performances like this here because its just non-verbal and action packed! We all agree the one universal language that can be easily understood is called ACTION, right? You don’t need to worry about not understanding a foreign language. All you got to do is sit back, relax and enjoy yourself to all the drama going on stage.


4. A BRAND NEW content is showing in this performance.


The producer wouldn’t divulge to me what is brewing for this round and I am as curious as you guys out there on the new content. But he assures that it would be fun and we do know it would be as innovative and breathtaking than before! So kill that curiousity of yours and join in the excitement, catch The Painters: HERO LIVE in action on 10-11 June at the RWS! Tickets are available on Sistic.


5. This is a marriage between arts and technology.

Spectacular Cupid Light Drawing.

Incredible visual effects are created through a combination of art and technology. Live drawing with 3D video display makes the show especially intruguing. Audiences can enjoy every moment filled with diverse art techniques in a natural flow, while having twists and turns of surprises.


6. Its not your usual boring theater.

Masterpieces from a drawing battle.

Watch these artistic musketeers bring on the challenge and cheer on your favourite painter. And that’s not all since double’s the fun, audiences are engaged in interaction with the painters throughout the show. You can expect participation in some of the scenes too! Will you be the next lucky audience?


7. The production team develops their own props.

Colourful Marbling Art.

You know its genuine hard work when it comes to making your own props. Its no different for The Painters: HERO production team, who prides themself in developing their props and art mediums. However, delivering these to an overseas performance would sometimes pose a challenge to them.

“Most of props and art mediums used in our show are developed by us, and all of them should be brought to the show abroad. We’ve discovered and developed based on the best condition for the show. However, as it becomes unidentified materials when we’re bringing abroad, we often got caught by airport security. If the item is banned to be carried by flight, we should go through tough process to make it on site with similar ingredients.” – Production Team.


8. There are a great load of promotional sales for this show. Don’t say ‘Bo Jio’!


Tickets are priced at $138, $118, $98, $68 & $48. (Booking fees not included.)

Through All SISTIC Channels
30% Discount for Package Deal
[Applicable with minimum purchase of 2 tickets per show]
[Applicable to Cat 1 to Cat 3 and Premium]

20% Discount for Child (4 to 12 years old)
[Applicable to Cat 1 to Cat 3 and Premium ]
[Must be accompanied by at least one (1) adult]

20% Discount for Senior Citizen (60 yrs and above)
[Applicable to Cat 1 to Cat 3 and Premium]
[Applicable with patron aged 60 years old and above]
[Verification: Present valid ID or Senior Citizen Card upon purchase at the counter or upon entering the entrance]

15% Discount for MasterCard
[Applicable to Cat 1 to Cat 3 and Premium]
[Applicable with purchase ticket using MasterCard for transaction]

*15% Discount for MeClub Members
[Applicable to Cat 1 to Cat 3 and Premium]
[Verification: Redeem for discount code from app. Quote valid promo code upon online purchase or present e-voucher upon purchase at ticketing counters]

*20% Discount for NTUC Members
[Applicable to Cat 1 to Cat 3 and Premium]
[Verification: Present valid card upon purchase at the counter or quote valid password via hotline or internet purchase]

* – Not Applicable Through SISTIC Mobile.



What are you waiting for? Join me at The Painters: HERO LIVE in Singapore!


In collaboration, TravelEatShop is giving away a pair of tickets to a lucky winner to watch this amazing show on 10 June, 8pm at Resorts World Sentosa!

To win the tickets, simply
1. Like & Follow Travel . Eat . Shop on WordPress / Facebook / Instagram.
2. Share the post.
3. Comment and tag a friend you would like to bring!

^Terms and Conditions
This giveaway is only open to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents of Singapore.
Winner will be announced on 30 May 2016 10:00

This event has ended. Thank you all participations on this event.
Please refer to Facebook for winner of this giveaway.


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  1. I wish to bring along Tracy Lee as we both love art paintings and would like to see how the paintings can be transformed into real life with the help of Incredible visual effects and magical performance ! <3

    Have followed under wordpress:, Instagram ID: cky3317

    Liked & Shared ! =)

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