Tofu Mochi Donuts

Everyone loves a donut and so do I. But I’m sure that at times you would like to avoid that high calorie and deep frying as well as feeling sick from the sweet coatings. Here’s a healthier version with the use of TOFU! Its a marriage between a soft donut and chewy mochi Mmmmmm… its really yummy!

Disclaimer: This is not my recipe. Its adapted from a book. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember where I got it from but its really good and I need to share this good stuff with you guys. I have decreased the amount of sugar as below. This is one recipe that is so fuss free and delectable to make. Fun and easy for kids as hands on activity too!

Ingredients (yields 12 mini mochi donuts)
All purpose flour 100g
Glutinous rice flour 40g
Baking Soda 1tsp
Butter 25g
1 egg
Caster Sugar 60g
Milk 50cc
Soft Tofu 100g

1. Preheat oven to 180°C.

2. Sieve dry ingredients together. (all purpose flour + glutinous rice flour + baking soda)

3. Whisk egg and sugar till fluffy then add butter and mix well.

4. Add the whisked ingredients gradually into the dry ingredients to mix.

5. Strain tofu of any excess water and sieve into smooth paste.

6. Add tofu paste into mixture of step 4 and mix well.

7. Combine milk into batter and mix throughly. (It looks quite liquidated.)

8. Oil your donut pan or use mini cupcake cups. The donut does not rise alot so fill each space till minimum 3/4 full.

9. Set to bake in the preheated oven. If you have a waffle machine, pour the batter and cook till lightly brown.
*You can sprinkle your mochi donuts with garlic & herbs before baking in the oven for a savoury version.
Mixing small bits of berries into the batter is a good alternative but you should reduce the amount of milk to ensure the mochi donuts are not too dense to turn out undercooked.
On one occasion, I topped my mochi donuts with cream cheese and it was delicious too!


If you have got an innovative idea what else this can transform into, leave me a comment below!


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