Kki Sweets

Kki Sweets is not new to the cafe scene in Singapore. Its first shop opened in Ann Siang before the relocation to the School Of The Arts in 2014 (the first official Singapore government supported arts school where medium such as music, arts and dance is studied as a major subject for students aged 13-18 placed on an IB programme). Over here, they have a nice cosy shop with full glass panels with a corner in the cafe selling their specially made housewares on display.

Why? I came on a recommendation of a friend and its to no surprise why she emphasise I need to visit Kki and her love for this place. I see a taste of minimalist in zakka of the decor with furnitures of plain brown wood filling the small cafe and it naturally gives a sense of tranquil in the air, bringing you back to slow paced. They had a glass showcase of what is available for dessert.

Kki Sweets focuses on mousse cakes and these are all handmade lovingly by the owner – a Japanese chef who produces them fresh daily and by using only quality ingredients in the in-house kitchen. While there is not a wide range of beverages but they own a curated menu of tea blend and selected types of coffee for pairing with their cakes. Don’t expect finding mains and common cafe foods like eggs benedict, spaghetti, pastas and so forth in here because its just not their thing.

♥♥♥♥♥Fromage Melon
Extraordinary flavours filled the cheese mousse sitting on a crumbled tart base. I could have the mousse just by itself anytime and not feel sick eating one after another. The texture was unbelievable silkly and fine, so light on the palate yet with a good fruity melon taste rampantly screaming ‘Viola!’ on each savour. And catch that sweet melon hidden within!
How many times did I feel cheated when something seems pretty and yet it taste lower than expected? Now, I must stand and give an applause for this look good and taste great stuff. I have to admit I chose it after its name and presentation but this doesn’t disappoint. I enjoyed that not-so-sweet basil milk chocolate mousse dust in cocoa powder with an aromatic bitter orange compote. The citrus fruit with chocolate is a classic pairing that’s a perfect match!

My outmost sincere thanks to the chef who created such wonderful cakes and I cry tears of joy finding this charming cafe serving only what it specialises.
The pricing here is not pocket friendly as a slice cost around $8-9? Nevertheless given there are unlimited time for seating and a quiet ambience for reading, its definitely one place you must visit apart their scrumptious cakes.
The cakes offered for walk-in consumers are all in small individual pieces. If you would like to buy a bigger size cake, click on this link to see what they offer.
I bet my return would be to devour all the other types of cakes at a go to satisfy my lost and found of well made mousse cakes.

Kki Sweets
1 Zubir Said Drive, Singapore 227968
School Of The Arts #02-01
(Direction: 5 minutes walk from Dohby Gaut MRT station on northsouth line / circle line )


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