Keika Ramen Singapore

Keika ramen is not new in Singapore and have since expanded to 4 shops to provide reasonable priced ramen. They are managed under the same corporation that owns japanese brands in Singapore such as Ajisen, Hanamidori, Fruit Paradise, Menya Musashi and etc.
Their ramen is of Kyushu style and the origin dates back to Japan in 1955. The Kyushu type of ramen features milky pork bone soup that has been simmered for numerous hours so you get pure goodness with every mouthful of soup. While the essence of the Kyushu ramen lies in the soup base, the noodles used are also different as its thinner but still chewy in texture compared to the other types of ramen noodles.

♥♥♥Keika Ramen
Its not my first time eating at Keika ramen but the first round after its new opening at Hougang Mall. I visited during lunch and its not as crowded as dinner time despite the limited amount of seats available in the restaurant. The staffs were quick on their feet and attended immediately to my order (you can try to order by the ipad but I reckoned it would have been faster to do it thru the staff when there’s no crowd afterall) for a lunch set. I got the ramen set upgraded that comes with drink and side dish as shown above. If you have ate at Ajisen, you would realise the similarity in their menu style. There are a few choices for the side dish, like takopachi and gyoza etc.
Soup is the soul of the ramen and where I can taste the well proportioned amount of ingredients used to make that pot of soup there. You get only 1 slice of meat but its nicely braised so when it enters the mouth it melts off after a bite. Noodles were slightly overcooked rather than how it should have more resilience.

I have known of fellow bloggers and friends complaining about the miserable slice of meat and they felt the price wasn’t worth paying for. I do also admit I have these thoughts as well although the ramen is priced about the same value in Japan. There are also quite a number of ramen places doing more justice to taste and equality of price but my view is that since we don’t eat this everyday and we might once awhile get no choice or have craving for it, surely just forget about the price tag and enjoy a bowl of decent ramen. The ramen is still not too shabby.

Keika Ramen Singapore
Hougang Mall
(Hougang station on north-east line)
90 Hougang Ave 10 #01-26, Singapore 538766
☎6243 4229

(Orchard station or Somerset station on north-south line)
391 Orchard Road #B210-1, Singapore 238872
☎6732 4873

(Jurong East station on north-south line or east-west line)
3 Gateway Drive #03-09, Singapore 608532
☎6465 9383

White Sands
(Pasir Ris station on east-west line)
1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3 #01-27, Singapore 518457
☎6384 0179


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