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Green Waffle Diner

The ambience here is a little old school and kind of near to vintage montage.
I came around 4pm searching for a place to rest my feet and have a bite. There were no other diners in here at that time, the place was totally empty.
♥♥♥Eggs benedict
This is the classic eggs benedict and its just like any average eggs benedict you can get elsewhere. No surprise but decent enough on the taste.
1 page menu on just waffles and ice cream alone. I did not take the full page as the staff was staring ever since me and companion entered the diner. They were really unfriendly and shown a pissed off face. Well, hopefully its just for a day. Everybody gets their bad days and I hope this is not the norm here :?
♥♥♥♥♥Original waffles with classic neapolitan flavoured ice creams (vanilla,chocolate,strawberry)
Ignore the ice cream thou its not bad but again, just the usual we can easily buy everywhere. Speaking about the waffles… it was bombtastique (haha, what a word!). That seriously was an extremely well done rendition here! So badass I crave for it whenever I eat out at waffle shops. Nothing beats this and I’m not joking about it. It was absolutely Mamma Mia when the staff was cooking the waffles and the whole place was filled with that rich buttery fragrant. Of course much waffles cooks and gives off that savoury aroma but never this close to what I encountered right here so this definitely has something special in it that I’m not sure of. The waffle (no idea what recipe they use for the batter but its so good) just taste different from many I have savoured before. And its got what we all love for a excellent waffle, a nice crisp outer shell with soft insides that’s cooked just right from the waffle pan.

Green Waffle Diner
G/F 35-39 Graham St., Central, Hong Kong
☎ 2887 9991

Catch my footsteps in gobbling HERE


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