NANTA @ South Korea

NANTA is an internationally acclaimed nonverbal action comedy that recieve raves from all over the world. They had sold out shows in countries like much of Asia, the western region and even Broadway. I watched it once when they had their first debut in Singapore and it left me great impression. They combined the usage of kitchen wares and traditional Korean beats known as Samulnori together to achieve a wonderful experience for both eyes and ears of the audiences. Along with a funny plot line and simple interactive audience engaging actions, it was super interesting. They do make some changes to their acts and choices of music from time to time so that is quite good for anyone whose seen it and thinks to watch the performance again. I am catching it again for the 3rd time on the trip of Seoul & Vicinity 15D14N. Because there’s never a moment of boredom, its definitely a must-watch!

For those travelling to South Korea on a free and easy trip, you should get ready and take note of the special privileges you can enjoy mentioned in this article.

Tickets are priced according to categories where the nearer the seats are to the stage and those seats with better views are more expensive than the remainders. Their prices are comparable with the sales overseas. Pricings are set reasonably similar but the trick is, if you watch it in South Korea itself you will need to make sure you catch hold of the advance booking online promotions. Its usually around 20-30% discount off the ticket prices on VIP/S/A seats. You can book the tickets at an advancement of up to 3 months ahead.

Here’s what you need to do:
1.Access NANTA official website.
2.REGISTER as their member and LOGIN to your account.
3.Click on Booking Tickets in the sidebar on your left of the page.
4.Choose your preferred location for the show and click on booking.
5.You will need to decide which day and time you plan to watch the performance on.
6.Apply the discount available shown on the page that is most advantageous to you.
7.Collection of tickets are strictly by self-collection on day of show so just proceed on to pay by card.
8.A confirmation email and voucher will be issued. Print out that receipt as proof of purchase.
9.Bring your receipt on the day of show and exchange it for paper tickets at the counter together with your credit card or also passport if required, an hour before the performance commence. (NANTA have a separate queue for collection of tickets by online booking from the sale of tickets so its rather quick and easy.)

1.Occasionally, they want to promote the use of booking thru mobile to increase sales and offer additional 5% off on top of already discount ticket prices. Catch hold of them!

2.The performance held in these theaters are smaller compared to shows Overseas where they need to cater to a larger audience group, try going for the medium priced ticket instead of the most expensive since seats of these are not much of the difference in viewing quality.

3.Choose a seat on the sides within the first 10 rows on ground floor if you want to stand a chance on getting chosen to go on stage for a special audience interaction time. Its limited to around 2 person per scene (only 2 scenes allowed audience onstage). My friend was so lucky to get picked on her first time watching (Seoul & Jeju 9D8N) and in her case to perform a simple task in front of all the audiences or for us who are watching, we all had an enjoyable time laughing at the hilarious moments. So tapping on my last experience, I booked tickets along the aisle again and this round, my mate got picked again! The lucky audiences will also receive a one and only souvenir gift (no spoilers😆). Very exclusive!

4.Because the discount differs in each Theater, try to compare each discount page before doing a booking. (The 3 theaters in Seoul are easily accessible and most likely you are already visiting these hot tourist spots so try to get the cheapest out of them all.)

5.If you take the Arex, try buying tickets of NANTA+Arex package that possibly be cheaper.

Location of NANTA (click on the links to find out how to get to each location)

*Worthy of note, there is also a NANTA theater in Bangkok, Thailand. As of today, I have not watched it personally there. Why not enjoy NANTA today in the land of Tom Yum Goong too!


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