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Jongno Tower

If you travel to Seoul, don’t ignore this building that is situated on the opposite road of Bosingak. Known as the Jongno Tower or like the locals love to call it Jonggak tower as well, its one building you can’t miss for its unique architecture.
sam_4920.jpgOwned by Samsung securities – a subsidiary of the Samsung Group, this building consists of 33 floors with the 23rd to 30th floor being hollow. Such a design is notable and the team behind this is no other than the infamous Rafael Viñoly Architects.

The building homes a shopping area, a large bookstore but what’s more worthy of a mention is the restaurant & bar on the highest level – TOP CLOUD. Featuring 10m high ceiling with window glass panels allows the restaurant to provide their diners with an unrivaled scenery in this area. Dining here is best made with reservation to avoid disappointment. There are 3 sections available for choice – buffet / grill / bar.

Top Cloud
BUFFET – semi buffet style with ala carte main course
Grill – Ala carte / Course meals available.

Line 1 Jonggak station exit 3-1


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