家美饭店 Welcome Hotel

Here is the review I promised the hotel. Simply because I loved it here. Its a hotel you can wish for good location, complimentary breakfast buffet, clean beddings and warm hospitality on top of a reasonable rate.

Night View
Day View

Welcome Hotel is a small homely business hotel, situated not far from the Shandao Temple Subway Station at a 5 minute walk. 1 stop away from Taipei Main Station – an interchange station of various subway lines, railway and lots of bus which gives great convenience.

Most rooms have a view of the railway track and you get to see the 火车 pass by at certain timings. Nevertheless, its not noisy despite being just opposite and you definitely can catch a good sleep.


The toilet features a separated washroom and bathroom that prevents the floor from being wet and flooded. There’s also a nice tub for soaking. I like how the toilet is so clean and there’s no stench or anything like that you might encounter elsewhere.


Open sesame! These are found in a cupboard, hidden from sight.


I had no idea my room would include such a comfy chair. It was so relaxing and I do feel laid-back from the busy shopping done for the day. The price paid for the room was more than worth it.

imageI don’t know if any foreigners do this or not but most Singaporeans love to take things home from the hotel, airplane, restaurant and blah blah…there are too many to name. For myself, I have a fetish for hotel disposable slippers. They are very handy and to my liking to last quite a bit. I’m quite happy to find the house keeping lady replenishing them daily so I can take home more :P

And now to the most important part… the BED! I really love the fluffy pillows and comforter they have here. The bed is ultra comfortable too. Its just right on level of softness that makes my sleep very enjoyable. Yet its not that mushy till my body don’t get supported well. Thumbs up for the comfort!👍
The room is spacious! As you can see, with that comfy chair, writing desk, tv console and a big double bed and there is still space to walk around. I do not hate small rooms but I dislike rooms that don’t even have the ample space to enable me opening up my luggages. Here, no problem at all.

This is what a girl eats in the morning! Say hurray to the free complimentary buffet of chinese and western cuisine 🍴

The buffet spread may be small but definitely more choices than what’s shown in my picture as I’m a picky eater. The spread changes menu daily and you can find soup, porridge, chinese style fry vegetables, chicken dish, egg dish, sausages, cereals, bread, juices, coffee and the usual sorts.


Checked in between 29092014 – 01102014 (Check out my itinerary for the 1st day of the trip HERE.)
I regretted much that I booked this place for such a short period compared to the 2nd hotel. This was in my favour better than the later one. I would want to come back here when I visit Taipei again.

Overall review: ♥♥♥♥♥
Directions: Alight from Shandao Temple Station and Exit from No.1 or 6
(I will include a map on how to get here as soon as possible.)

Welcome Hotel 家美飯店 (Jia Mei Fan Dian)
☎ +886-2-23581234


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