Summer Peach Salad

I’m in love with peaches this summer and have been stocking up on them the whole period. Summer is a hot and sunny time where more sweat is produced and something slightly savoury and sweet but refreshing is needed to perk up the body. So I thought of combining the fruit with a salty feta cheese that’s greatly used like in the Greek Salad. This is really quick and easy you can do it within 5 minutes and chomp away! And the best? It tastes so great on its own that you will never need a salad dressing!


1 large white peach
1 tomato
1/3 cucumber
1 tablespoon organic dried blueberries
feta cheese



1. Cut cucumber into thin slices.
2. Cut tomato into 8 wedges.
3. Peel white peach and cut into 8 wedges and thereafter into halves. (You can subsitute it with white nectarines or plums if peaches are unavailable.)
4. Mix sliced cucumber, tomato wedges, peach bits and organic dried blueberries (I happen to have this but you can use fresh blueberries if you prefer).
5. Sprinkle onto salad a liberal amount of feta cheese in cubes or you can do like mine by breaking them into smaller pieces easier for mixing well into the salad.

Try out and give me a comment if you liked this recipe! And go make a Summer Brussels Salad which is one of my favourites for this Summer too!!


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