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Exhibition: Seoul Intangible Cultural Heritage No.1 서울무형문화재 1호 – 남태칠

If you have heard of many items and places being placed under the list of Seoul’s cultural heritage, then do you know what’s the No.1 found among the intangible heritage?

Its “Natural Lacquer”.

So what is this that’s so special when lacquered items are easily spotted around us?
Well, to trace back the history of it in just Korea alone is astonishing! Lacquer culture have its existence way back in the Iron Age around the 1st century B.C. where lacquer items were found at the first tumulus. The location of this tumulus was part of the remains from the proto-three Kingdom period in Korea which is now known as Daho-li, Euichang-kun, Gyeongsangnam-do.

Among these excavated lacquer items, the Nam-Tae Lacquer (남태칠) is one of the more unique out of them all through the use of special material prepared from peeling off the bamboo sheath finely, splitting the bamboo into several piecds of proper width and binding the shaved bamboo pieces together.


An exhibition had been held at Bukchon, the Nam-Tae pieces showcased are crafted by artisan Jung Byung Ho whose a certified master under the Seoul Arts Association. While traditional arts are slowing losing its fort from the modern technologies,  its heartening to know of someone who still preserves the culture to their very best.


The exhibition also features another artisan – Kim Bok Gun, who handmake traditional Korean instruments like the Gayageum and Haegeum.

Exhibition details:

4월 기획전시/북촌[남태칠과 악기]
전시종목 : 남태칠장, 악기장
보유자 : 정병호, 김복곤
장소 : 서울무형문화재 북촌 교육 전시장
기간 : 2015년 04월 01일 부터 ~ 2015년 04월 30일 까지
관람시간 : 오전 10시부터 오후 5시까지
비고 : 매주 월요일은 휴관입니다.
4월 기획전시/북촌[남태칠과 악기] 전시가 4월 1일부터 4월 30일까지 서울무형문화재 북촌 교육 전시장에서 열립니다.
– 전시 관람 문의 02-747-0303/ 김민경 (only in korean)


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