Summer Brussels Salad

I have not been publishing new posts recently if you notice, due to my busy working schedule with a brand new column as writer. Usual readers who subscribed to my twitter or instagram can also find me busy with cooking these days. Yes guys, I’m on the home chef mode again. Nothing beats busy working at home and enjoying whipping up healthy home cooked food at the same time. So back here, I’m sharing with you this new recipe I came up with. There may be similar ones out there already but I assure you that mine taste not only good and is a real quick fix.

This is perfect for the late spring entering summer season soon and weather’s getting so ultra warm, you just want to have something tasty yet refreshing. And look!! The colours are so bright and appetising too!


Not everyone in my family likes brussel sprouts. Probably from the first experience when my mom cooked it so bitter that its hardly edible they shunned it eversince. I was much luckier to delish on better tasting brussel sprouts in restaurants. So on the quest to set their tastebuds with new impression for this vegetable, I’ve been researching on ways to prevent bitterness in the brussels but so many of which requires adding sugar which I strongly disagree due to my personal preference that one should try to get the most natural taste out of the already good ingredients in hand. There is no need to spice up the dish with unnecessary seasonings that may cover the natural source. Besides, vegetables contain their own sweetness too. So after several tries, I concluded as long as the brussels are not overcooked and either butter or milk were added while cooking them, sugar was not needed at all as there were no bitterness completely.

Also, I chose gouda cheese for this recipe  over many other choices for its buttery and nutty flavour. The leftover gouda cheese can be kept for long and later on used in salads or pastas.

(Recipe makes 1 portion)
6 Brussel Sprouts halved
100g Sliced Beef
6 Cherry Tomatoes
1/4 Red Bell Pepper sliced
1/4 Yellow Bell Pepper sliced
1/4 Orange Bell Pepper sliced (you can subsitute with carrot if this is not available)
1/2 Tangerine
1 tbsp Salted Butter
1 tbsp Mirin
Rosemary Herb
Gouda Cheese
Extra Virgin Olive oil

Before cooking, season the beef with some chopped rosemary.
Now melt butter in the pan and fry brussel sprouts. Add in tbsp of mirin.
Brussel Sprouts should turn light green from above to glossy bright green and light golden brown on surfaces like below.
At this stage, the brussel sprouts are half cooked already. Start adding in the red, yellow, orange bell peppers and cherry tomatoes.
Fry the beef slices for a few seconds and add preferred amounts of gouda till well melted.
Give a squeeze of tangerine juice (Lemon/lime is fine but I happen to have some Jeju tangerines in the fridge so I’m using that) to get a citrus burst that compliments gouda cheese’s natural fruity taste.

End off with a sprinkle of chopped rosemary and drizzle some extra virgin olive oil if you like. Alternatively, I serve with an additional spoon of mint jelly which is an absolute match with beef and rosemary. Just like what you would taste from a christmas roast.Studio_20150514_231621Time to dig in 🍴

Hope you enjoy whipping this fuss free dish! Don’t forget to look out for my other Cookin’ or keep an eye on my instagram @ljyessa for live updates from my kitchen 😋

*Pictures feature double portions.


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