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觀鼎休閒花園 Guan Ding Tea House


♥♥♥♥ 猫空红茶&包種茶 霜其淋 (double flavoured ice cream cone of Maokong black tea and Bao chung tea)


觀鼎休閒花園 Guan Ding Tea House is situated right in front of the Maokong station exit. Go up the short flight of stairs and you will see its restaurant. Purchase of ice cream was so quick and easy with their ice cream machine placed outside the restaurant. Order, give the cash and lick away.

Flavours are very limited and you can choose from pure tea ice cream or the one I bought which has a mix of the 2 tea flavours.

I felt a pity as the bao chung tea covered the nice pleasant tea scent of Maokong black tea by alot. So give the pure Maokong black tea ice cream a try instead when you visit. Nevertheless, the smooth texture and not so sweet taste won my heart. The ice cream also had no sense of bitterness that lingers on your tastebuds often found when you drink teas.

觀鼎休閒花園 Guan Ding Tea House


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