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Macaron by Mille Crepe Thailand

As far as concern, the French are reknown in making their macaron cookies. But ehem, I really thought that this Thai made macaron was not far from being totally fabulous too! Talk about comparing with famous macarons from Paris, these macarons didn’t lack lustre at all in winning a place in my heart. Let me tell you why.

A self-proclaimed macaron lover I am, I take pleasures seeking out delicious macaron as much as my sweet tooth can take. It wasn’t a planned thing to visit or buy macaron at this little bakery. I walked past a display of colourful macaron in many assorted flavours and what attracted me was the perfect macaron shell on each macaron cookie sandwich. Forget the established brands please, they still disappoint me now and then with their poorly baked macaron shells. So much so my thoughts of Thailand not well-known in making this cookie had thrown me off badly… so bad I really regret not buying another set of it.

Other than the mentioned macaron shell which really makes an important factor in considering whether that’s a good macaron or not, the filling is almost as important if not – The Soul. Take my words seriously, don’t you feel a pity if you have had this thought of the macaron looks wonderful yet when it enters your mouth and that moment of ‘ahhh…its not what I imagine it to be’? Disappointment is great when taste and looks don’t match with each other. I will introduce below the flavours I have tried and which are the worth tasting ones.

(Clockwise from top left corner)
♥♥♥ Mint
A blueish tint macaron with refreshing mint aftertaste.

♥♥ Rose
My all-time favourite macaron flavour but this was not perfect. I deliberately tasted this first among the other macarons then I could savour the light flora note but the hint of rose was barely there despite the cream filling having a great smooth velvety texture so its a let-down on this.

♥♥♥ Raspberry
Not a bad attempt to have 2 fillings at a go for a macaron. The outer rim was a sweet cream piped with an inner raspberry jam as fillings for this macaron. If they have an idea to make the consistency of the sweet cream filling slightly thicker as the jam, that would improve less mess of eating off cream on my fingers.

♥♥♥ Earl Grey
Other than green tea macarons, this is another flavour that is widely baked worldwide in the tea series of macarons. I definitely hoped so the macaron will not be a pity like the rose flvoured one. Luckily it was not that bad. This macaron had bits of earl grey tea leaves in the shell and the filling was infused with good amounts of the tea. However this round the filling had a rough texture of a not well mixed paste.

♥♥♥♥♥ Pistachio
This is one of the most popular flavour every bakery that sells macaron tries to make. Their version of the pistachio macaron was amazing with the perfect balance of pistachio against the almond flour and I could taste both at the same time. Intriguing layered effect it creates but overall, two thumbs up for this. I totally can’t pick on this when it wins any other pistachio macaron I have tasted so far that gives only fragrant pistachio aroma but covering the fact a macaron should have an almond taste.

♥♥♥♥ Thai Milk Tea
Not my first time trying a Thai milk tea flavoured macaron and I think that this flavour will not go wrong usually. Its quite a sensation on the eyes, nose and mouth. If you like milk tea, try this. Its got a rich milk tea aroma and you would love it.

♥♥♥♥♥ Chocolate Banana
Oh this is wonderful I must say! Imagine eating semi-sweet chocolate in one hand and ripe banana in the other. ‘What!? I taste nutty almond macaron texture too??’ That’s how confusing the macaron makes me feel. Absolutely must-try, its a to die for.

♥ Kiwi
Forget this as its really not worth that extra calories to indulge in something which I supposed fruity flavours should not go wrong. But in any case, I’m sorry this was way off in flavour. Thought it would give me a tangy kiwi flavour but all I tasted was artificial flavourings, very different in the case of the other macarons I had above.

04Macarons are sold separately for 40baht per piece, in boxes of 8 for 300baht /16 for 600baht as well as a pyramid of it with plenty of flavours to choose from.

Mille Crepe Thailand is also famous for their crepes and cakes. To find out more on what products they bake, visit the link below.

Mille Crepe Thailand Homepage

1. Dinsor Branch (สาขาถนนดินสอ)
Hit the Ratchadamneon Road until seeing Democracy Monument, then follow Mc Donald and Satriwithaya School located at the corner of Dinsor Road. After 2 minutes walk, we will see Bus Stop and Mille Crepe is on the opposite side.
Opejing hours: Mon-Sun 10.00am-7.00pm

2. Chakrapong Branch (สาขาจักรพงษ์)
Located in Banglampu area and near Khaosan Rd., while hitting Chakrapong Rd. ; on the left, we will see Tang Hua Seng Dept Store, Co-Op Shop and Nittaya Shop which is located near Bus Stop. Mill Crepe is on the opposite. We can notice Bank of Ayuthaya or Yellow Bank next to the shop.
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11.00am-10.00pm


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