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曲奇薈 Cookie Galerie

I love shopping for baked goodies while travelling, the wide varieties of these baked goods almost always surprises me really much.
Here at 曲奇薈 Cookie Galerie, they specialise in cookies, palmiers (a kind of french pastry) and premium chocolates.


I visitèd the branch at The Peak Galleria. It was a pretty green and pink decored shop front with friendly shop assistant that provides good customer service. Tasting is available in the shops and I especially enjoy their house’s famous tea cookies. I greatly recommend the ♥♥♥♥♥Sesame & Linseed cookie that has a great crunch and texture to it. The ♥♥♥Green Tea cookie was also quite good, proportion of green tea was just right with a light scent. If you love Lavender, then you must try their ♥♥♥♥Lavender cookie so aromatic and soothing for the senses.

Another great product of Cookie Galerie are the ♥♥♥♥Palmiers. Palmiers are a kind of french pastry that’s shaped like an elephant’s ears. It is quite similar to the danish pastry except this is a cookie version of it, has a solid bite and crisp layered texture. It is not easy to find a specialised bakery who does Palmiers well these days. I’m glad they had found success in making these as well as their cookies.

I bought both the small and big boxes which I find for sharing with family the small box will do for a savour of flavour and the big tin box is very presentable as a gift to anyone.



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