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糖朵兒點心坊 Le Sucre Flottant @ Danshui

At Danshui, you might be visiting the Danshui Presbyterian Church and also passing by the Huwei Mackay Hospital. Don’t miss just steps away from them is Le Sucre Flottant – a small retail shop tucked away in the small alley, specialising in macarons of varied flavours. 

Clockwise: ♥♥♥♥Lychee Macaron, ♥♥Raspberry Earl Grey Macaron, ♥♥♥Raspberry Macaron

I didn’t want to buy too many in a box (although I bet I can just finish them in a day definitely) as I still had some touring to do in Danshui after this and reckoned it might be sold out if I came back much later. Above is what’s given in an individual packing for each macaron and nicely packed in a cute Le Sucre Flottant & sheep cartoon printed paper-bag if you don’t purchase in a box. I just didn’t realise I bought 2 raspberry flavored and I so regretted my choice of not getting something much different. That answers why this picture shows a boring colour combination.

Appearance of the macarons are not so fantastic. They all had slight cracks, uneven surface and shapes even. I had bigger expectations on perfect macaron shells from the hands of a France school graduated Patissier. Many conditions contributes to a good macaron shell so I’m guessing it may have something to do with temperature or weather that caused this. I would like to try again when I visit them the next round.

The raspberry macaron was delightfully tart and not as sweet if compared to big names like Laduree. The filling texture is somewhere between a fruit jam and mashed sugared raspberry preserves. As for the raspberry earl grey macaron, it was a little lacking in berry taste in comparison to the sole raspberry flavored macaron but proves a slightly light aromatic scent with the infused earl grey tea. The difference between these 2 macarons could be tasted but I thought for me I would much prefer the raspberry macaron over the one with earl grey since the taste wasn’t exactly fragrant enough after use of the bergamot black tea. If you visit Antoinette, you will find a better rendition of Earl Grey Macaron by Chef Pang.

However, the taste of the lychee macaron was totally awesome. So good I think I can gobble at least 5 in a row. I appreciate the patisserie’s efforts as I could really feel each flavour’s macaron had a slightly different recipe control. This one was sweeter than both raspberry macarons but was not to the extend where you would get sick of it. That lychee scent was strong enough and gives off a sweet fruity whiff. The lychee macaron is a winner!

SAMSUNG CSCThe shop in Danshui is a small retail area where only macarons and chocolates are sold. If you wish to savour their other sweets and cakes (take a look at their website), you need to visit the branch at Uni-Hankyu instead.


浮糖朵兒點心坊淡水店 Danshui Original Shop
​☎ 02-2626-1268

Opening Hours
Tuesday – Friday 1pm-8pm, Saturday – Sunday 10am-8pm (closed on monday)

They also have a branch in Uni-Hankyu Department Store!
浮糖朵兒點心坊阪急百貨店 Uni-Hankyu Branch
Tel: 02-8780-6628
​台北市信義區忠孝東路五段8號B2 (Exit 2 from Taipei City Hall Station)

Opening hours
Sunday – Thursday 11am-9.30pm
Friday – Saturday 11am-10pm


Want to know where to find more goodies in Taiwan? Follow my footsteps > Taiwan 11D10N (Taipei)


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