Akashi @ Orchard Parade Hotel

Rated ♥♥♥♥♥

Superb food freshness is what Akashi boasts about and the taste they deliver here is simply, HEAVEN. imageThe edamame served first once I entered was cooked just right and the selection was not too green. Pickles presented were a lovely garnish to anything we ate, these lightly vinegared pickles prove more towards a sweet taste.

imageI savored the all-time favorites – salmon and tuna sashimi, so thick and satisfying freshness in every slice.  Very pure seafood sweetness found in every bite!


The enoki wrap was excellent but lacked a little time control, was cooked just a tad over but nonetheless still delicious. The meat was not dry and had a tantalizing soyu taste with char from pan-grilled.image

My meal went into a frenzy when the dish pork with sesame sauce arrive. I really love sesame sauces but in Singapore its not easy to locate a place that does this well other than the one I had 10 years back, at a steamboat restaurant near to St. Margaret’s Secondary School that had closed down. The pork was honestly just alright, nothing special to it that I need to mention but the sesame sauce saved its day amazingly with fragrant sesame aroma in the right consistency. This is an evidence the sauce was produced with well roasted sesame seeds before its making and that is very important in order to make a perfect sesame sauce. Forget the bottled ones you can get from the local supermarkets, this sauce is really different. I’m still going googoo-gaga over this while typing the post.

imageThe other dishes ordered took longer so I killed the boredom with an order of hot sakae. At first, I was appalled by the next table that seats a family, they had ordered bottles of Japanese sojus and hard liquor. With an accidental glance of their order receipt, the bill amounts to more than $1500 that gave me a shock. So with the typical curiosity, I got the alcoholic menu from the waitress so to realize they actually have more selection of drinks for the lower budget pockets.

imageAnd I don’t know what’s into me at that period, I was trying to find a good tamago sushi. The one that fulfills what my tastebud can accept as the best tamago sushi in Singapore. My idea was, the simplest dishes are actually the most difficult ones to accomplish well. Any chef can do it of course, but relatively to find a good one, its as hard too. Forget about the price tag these pair of tamago sushi came along and also the idea that eggs are cheap ingredients, focusing on the texture, sweetness, appearance and chef’s skills was then my real mission. The tamago sushi was fabulous despite being really expensive, I had to pay for about $7 for 2 egg sushi. The length of the tamago was exactly right sized, sweetness in the right level, thickness balanced to pair with the amount of sushi rice and outmost was the texture that wins the tamago its success with a tight spongy bite. The chef perfectly mastered this dish! Thumbs up to the one who made this for me that very day. You passed my strict test!!!


The highlight I want to recommend to all is this aburi sushi – Foie gra with sea urchin uniimage

This I loved it to the max♥ With ingredients so splendor, this is another that you would want to splurge on despite its hefty price tag again. Nonetheless its sold by per piece so you can order just one for a taster. The sumptuous foie gra was scorched perfect leaving its inside soft and with a slightly crisp, charred exterior. I would hate my foie gra overdone anytime so this really made my day. Topped with sea urchin, the soft and sweet revelation is an indulgence. I perpetually melted together with the sushi as it melted in my mouth (awwww…the foie gra…sea urchin). Warning!! Its so addictive, it left me in love and admiration for long and I had to return to Akashi frequently to get my fix on this. This is MY ULTIMATE ABURI SUSHI.

imageLuxury foods do not necessary come with luxurious price tag. See the set of wagyu beef that comes with rice, soup, sides and fruit? Its one of the set dinners offered that costs below $30! Totally a steal and if you come during lunch, its even slightly cheaper. The proportion and taste is not deterred by its lower price. I got a whole premium wagyu steak cooked in terriyaki sauce, very tender and all meat juices fully retained in it, then lastly sliced for ease of eating before serving to customer. This could easily cost me more than a 50 bucks in other restaurants and yet fail to match up on quality and cooking technique. Great find for worth more than its value!image

I ended off the meal with their homemade sesame and yuzu ice cream. Among the two, the sesame one is preferred, really fragrant and thick compared to the light yuzu flavour in sorbet style. I would prefer to have ice cream in other gelatorias thou. This is a skip for me.

Tasted on 29/12/2013

Spending: $200 plus
Akashi wonderfully satisfied my tastebuds, tummy and emotions in a splendid way. The furnishing of the restaurant was filled with Japanese elements and ambiance created was great. Paired with thoughtful waitress dressed in kimonos, excellent services were on par with its appearances. Its a sensation you ought to experience for yourself. This is no longer fine dining, its a notch above by giving you terrific food and a spa for your senses. Very therapeutic dinner I had! It makes the price tags that comes along no longer matters because all was worth it. To get to the restaurant might be daunting as its not easy to locate the hidden restaurant just by the eye so try asking the hotel concierge and they will direct you. Most customers here are regulars and reservation is highly required.


Akashi Headquarters
Orchade Parade Hotel
1 Tanglin Road #01-01A, Singapore 247905
☎ 6732 4438

Opening Hours: Lunch 11.30am-3pm, Dinner 6-11pm


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