동문제래시장 Dongmun Traditional Market


♥♥♡ Dongmun Traditional Market

This is a relatively small market but filled with warm hearted elderly selling jeju produces like their famous tangerines & jeju only produce –  hallabong. You can purchase reasonably priced gifts (mostly cheaper and haggling allowed) such as the orange or green tea chocolates shaped in harubang (the auspicious grandfather stone statue you can easily see on Jeju island) and made-in-jeju’s omija/cactus/tangerine honey and teas. You can also find dried goods like the famous Korean dried laver.

I bought a big bottle of omija concentrated syrup and a few gift bottles of assorted flavoured honeys. All taste specially amazing and comes with a nice price tag friendly to pockets.





♥♥♥ Dongmun Seafood Market

Beside the traditional market selling dry stuffs, there is a seafood market section you can explore. Its not fishy but very clean and neat! Again this is not a big market compared to the scale of Seoul’s Incheon Fish Market and Noryangjin nor Busan’s Jagalchi. It’s small but you can still find the common fishes that comes from waters around Korea.

See the big squids, so transparent in colour. They give a nice chew but not tough to bite at the same time.



A stall selling different grades of abalones.wpid-20131028_190219.jpg
You must try fresh abalones in Jeju especially since they are so abundant and extremely fresh from the catch everyday. Prices are much cheaper compared to Seoul. Its practically everywhere in Jeju from the local markets to upscaled restaurants.

wpid-20131028_190434.jpgFishes like Eel, Mackerel, Halibut and Yellowtail are the common fishes that Koreans usually love eating.

Haggling is fine if you buy more. Basically the prices are reasonable, not as marked up as other provinces. The folks at this market are quite friendly and welcoming to tourists. You can request for debone, scaling and even removing of skin if needed. Its a service for those who buy their produces.

After getting all your seafoods, bring it to a restaurant in the same market and you can instruct them your preferred way of cooking it.
*Problem is: Its not as easy in Jeju than Seoul/Busan to communicate with the restaurant waiters especially for travellers who do not know slightest about Korean language. The people in Jeju speaks in another dialect mostly so if you encounter difficulty, please don’t hesitate to get out of the restaurant and find another more suitable. They will try to keep you but since it doesn’t work out, leaving is the best option.

Generally, Jeju is filled with kind and warm hearted souls but unfortunately for the businesses, they still need to make a living here. There tend to be more untrustworthy taxi drivers and restaurant owners so be aware of dishonest waiters over here as well who do not give you what you ordered. Make a fuss and most locals around you will help out and make things right. Remember to check the bill at the end too!!


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