Ocean Park – Halloween Fest 2013 ~ Pumpkin Creation Lab by Jetstar


♥♥♥♡ Pumpkin Creation Lab by Jetstar

A proudly sponsored collaboration between Jetstar and Ocean Park for the Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2013.
Free admission to all.

This event or should I put it – limited time only* attraction area, is more like an exhibition.


I came here with one of my best friend for our summer vacation – Hong Kong 5D4N.
Before entering, we were greeted by an enthusiastic staff warning of any halloween scares that might occur inside and we are not allowed to attack them in violence (laughs). So we were anticipating about it.

The staff uncovered the black cloth into an air-conditioned room and we were told to enter in small groups. Behind us were only a couple. Well, it was a sweltering hot afternoon and no one seems to be queuing. Anyway the deal was, we actually came AFTER the couple but since we bought the – HALLOWEEN FEST PREMIUM TICKET, we are entitled to ‘jump queue’ (yeah, one of the most unglam acts). Its an official thing we could do since we purposely bought it to avoid queueing.

In the first hall, you can see a few pumpkins welcoming you with their crankiest and evil smiles.
The mood created was suitable with use of coloured lights and darker tones for that eerie feel. I absolutely feel its necessary cause that’s one of what Halloween is interesting for!
There were lots of different facial expressions engraved onto the pumpkins unlike the carved out pumpkins we typically see in Europe with hollow insides showing the eyes and mouth. Quite a terrific handcraft shown I must say. The expressions were priceless and real (some of which I felt was really funny instead of spooky). So I was immersed into snapping pictures of each and every one of these. Only downside – the pumpkins were preserved in special liquid chemicals and placed in a transparent box. There will be reflection at times when you take pictures of them.

In this area, there’s a small station decorated in dim lights and 2 red armchairs where you can sit and take pictures at. (we took a picture pretending we were the king and queen among these pumpkins *sinister laugh).

We went thru the first hall rather quickly as there wasn’t that much to do, more of it was just seeing through. Took about 15 mins for this small hall including taking pictures for every single pumpkin. By then, we felt a little bored from still waiting for the halloween scares as told by the staff (no fun).


Time to enter the second hall, you have to pass through this slightly brighter link area showcasing the biggest pumpkin in the world. (Not possible to take the entire pumpkin into a picture due to restrain of space, so i gave up.) Its not a real pumpkin, just to model after the shape and size of the actual one. But its still very impressive since I have never seen such a humongus pumpkin so far. Can’t imagine how many delicious dishes I can turn it into! (gulps)
I would describe this link as mysterious compared to the 1st hall being a little more eerie.

As we enter the second hall, we were greeted with bright spot lights.


(Pardon for the picture unclear as the lightings were seriously too bright and I only had the normal camera functions on my mobile to take with. I didn’t want to bring a camera as its so much lighter and handy while I want to bask in all the fun of amusement rides.)
The pumpkins were so Macho (laughs again) and very tall. They look absolutely like superheros (to me).

Here and there, we saw a few more different pumpkins exhibited then we were unknowingly walking out of this small place. That’s when we felt really disappointed about the halloween scare turned out to be a verbal scare told by the entrance staff. I don’t know whether we were missing it because they went for lunch or there wasn’t any in the first place. But I appreciated the efforts of that staff greeting us with wide smiles then speaking in a dramatic eerie tone trying to create some spookiness before we enter. It was a difficult job fighting against the heat on that afternoon.

Parents with children can visit and need not worry. I highly gurantee its not scary and in fact, very educational and entertaining to kids ages 5-12 years old. Its very safe in here and most importantly cooling to escape a blazing hot weather. They will be able to brave the dim lights and see pumpkins in a new form. Parents can take loads of pictures here of their child making faces together with the pumpkins. Spend about half an hour enjoying fun with pumpkins.

*Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. This particular post covers only 10% spoiler of the pumpkin highlights.


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