Jamie’s Italian

Tasted on 16042014

♥ Baked Mushrooms $12.50


A recommendation by the waiter but honestly there wasn’t much to rave about this. Besides the innovative use of making a thin crust filled with mushrooms and cheeses, there’s nothing interesting about it. The herbs were not aromatic, the dish itself lack that nice cheesy smell. Very lack lustre I find, but nonetheless still edible.

♥♥♥ Prawn Linguine $25


A hearty portion of linguine cooked in tomato sauce and generous in prawns, topped with greens. Personally I prefer the pasta from Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore at Boat Quay, which is done more Al Dente.

♥♥ Rump Steak $28.50


Rump steak paired with salad and chips is quite a deal in here. Many customers orders that but to me, it isn’t good enough. The steak was tough and over done for a medium-rare. However the salad saved the steak, gave the dish a clean refreshing taste. The fries were too soggy I felt.

♥♥♥♥ Italian Burger $27.50, ♥ Burger Chips $4, ♥ Moscato $15


I had to review this burger and the chips in separate pricings as it wasn’t included as a meal together on the menu. You need to top up a minimal to get your fix on fries to go with the burger. The Italian Burger is a specialty on the menu and you ought to try it! Filled with various veggies and even pickled jalapenos that gave me a surprise, the meat patty was a WOW factor too. It was real beefy, thick and juicy. You can choose the level of rarity for the patty as well. For me, I went for medium done and I can say it seems to be perfect choice. The bun was good too but I would like it even drier in texture so that when it soaks up the meat juices, it won’t be too soft or mushy.

Chips were flavoured in garlic and oil. Way too oily it leaves a sheen so glossy on your lips after eating it. It wasn’t what I expected for chips, turned out too soggy like left out in the air for long.

Moscato is just very sweet and lack a more fruity age to it. I’m very serious in restaurants’ menu of wines and beverages selection. It actually means a lot to not only serve great food but to give customers a good pairing of beverages to compliment the food presented. In here, its more of a casual dining so perhaps the alcoholic beverages also tend to side towards cocktails and seems to neglect the fact its still an Italian restaurant after all. Sweet wines are a good gauge to see the restaurant’s effort in small details as many or so often will be ignored. Unfortunately, this restaurant didn’t make it to my mark.

♥♥♥ Lemonade $5.50, ♥♥ Elderflower Cider $6.50


The lemonade is tart and not sour. Very nice balance for any meal that on the heavy side.

Elder Flower Cider contains a light flora fragrance with slightly artificial taste of syrup, and diluted in too much water. It claims to be good and produced by the restaurant in their labels. To me, it was only average. I had much better versions of Elder Flower Cider made by the Swedish and I swear they make ciders anytime better than anywhere else.

Other items on the list: ♥♥♥ Meat Plank $15.50 – Meat plank includes cold cuts, cheeses and olives.

♥ Porchetta $35 – Similar to the chinese version of Dong Po Rou, this dish made of braised Pork Belly was a big let down. You wouldn’t want to spent that amount to try out this stuff though they claim its braised for long hours. The texture to the taste is just not good enough to make it for more stars.

♥♥♥♥ Earl Grey Martini $17 – Very good pairing between the Earl Grey Tea we drink with the famous alcoholic base Martini that lots of Mixologist and Bartenders like to experiment till today. New Sensation is what I can describe. Very interesting taste but at the same time, works just like the tea, releases a calming effect to one.

Total spent: $225.98 (including tax & service charge)

♥♥♥ Service – Prompt staff in the restaurant who are very friendly and helpful but I wished they would have tried out all the foods in their own menu before recommending something they didn’t even eat before but only seen other customers ordering.

*Tip – If you hold a reservation in the restaurant, make sure you gather your group full on time. They only allow entrance once your table’s full attendees has arrived. Also, reservation can only be held for 15 minutes strictly.

Jamie’s Italian
Vivocity, 1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-165 to 167, Singapore 098585
6733 5500


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