Paulaner @ Clarke Quay

♥♥♥Lager Beer (pint) $16
♥♥♥♥Weissbeer (pint) $16

*conditions apply for Happy Hour, check in-store for latest promotion.

♥Veal Escalope $26

The veal was coated in light batter, fried and paired with cut potatoes. This was overcooked thus the veal meat became dry and tough. The jam that goes with this didn’t match a tad bit too.

♥♥♥Braised Beef $26

The meat was well braised and still tender, topped in braised sauce and raisins, gave it a good balance between sweet and savoury. The braised beef comes with a bread ball and broiled carrots with herbs.

♥♥♥Crispy Potato Fritter $5

I was very much expecting criss cut fried potatoes instead of a rosti as there was no picture provided on their menu. So I kind of got surprised when the potato fritter came in rosti style. Paired with lettuce leaves and a tartar dip, the rosti was quite fine but if on its own, its rather oily and you get sick of the taste after just a few mouthfuls.

Check out the menu HERE

Paulaner Singapore Clarke Quay
3B River Valley Rd , Singapore 179021

☎  6338 0480


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