Jeju Mini Land – Miniature World Tour Theme Park

Visited on 29102013


Olle The Olle Magic Mirror Theme Hall will provide a fantastic 4-Dimensional theme space! The Olle Magic Mirror Theme Hall will offer various mirror attractions, including The Magic Mirror Box, The 4-Dimensional Road, The No-Reverse Mirrors, The Sky Ladder, The Flying Magic Show, The Tunnel of Light, The Magic Table, The Mirror Furniture Room, The Mirror Boxes, The Eye & Mirror, The Magic Mirrors & The Maze Fantasy Zone. ???????????   Story Land Make friends with fairy tale characters! How exciting it would be to face and make friends with fairy tale characters like Smurfs and Taekwon V! Our Story Land will enable grown-ups to experience the world of childlike innocence, and will provide children with a dreamlike day.???????????   Jurassic Park Return to the dinosaur age! Imagine seeing dinosaurs in the flesh is a real thrill! Our Jurassic Park offers you the opportunity to meet various dinosaurs, including the imperial tyrannosaurs, the horned triceratops, and the flying pteranodon. image   Fountain Square Enjoy romantic moments at the refreshing fountain! The beautiful fountain in our Fountain Square will add to the romance of your tour. You can have photos taken here with the Statue of Liberty located at the center of the Square, and can see the Mouth of Truth which is famous for “Roman Holiday”. image   Victoria Restaurants Enjoy the world of taste You may already known the saying “A loaf of bread is better than the song of many birds.” Jeju Mini Land has restaurants which offer various tastes and atmospheres, including warm ambience restaurants and Korean restaurants offering appetizing dishes of Jeju, and fast food restaurants for children. IMG_20140527_5

Spotted this lovely pair of young girls from a local kindergarden school. I was so inspired by that wonderful instant moment that I must take this picture! “Sharing is Caring!!” Kudos to the teachers and parents who taught them well :) Wish they grow up with more great friendship in the future years.

The Gift Shop Prepare gifts for people you love! Our Gift Shop has a pleasant space, offering you gifts and souvenirs from our own souvenirs and Jeju Island’s specialties at low prices. You can treat yourself with commemorative souvenirs, or prepare special presents for your family, friends or sweetheart. sub2_1miniadmissionminilandpig

♥♥♥ JEJU MINI MINI LAND  56-4 San Kyorae-ri, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si ☎ 82-64-782-7720


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