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봉 설렁탕 갈비탕 Bong Beef Bone Soup & Beef Ribs Soup @ Sinchon

IMG_20140508_29 IMG_20140509_1♥♥♥♥ Meat Dumpling Soup

Beautifully hand wrapped dumplings filled with juicy minced meat and chopped spring onions cooked in meat broth. Served with rice.

Absolutely mouth-watering! Fantastic dumpling in great tasting soup!

♥♥ Beef Bone Soup

A beef bone soup is all about the beef bone marrow’s goodness cooked into a milky broth. Served with rice.

What’s such a pity is that soup was a little less than expected in standard. It wasn’t as milky as it should be but rather slightly towards a clearer liquid. Shop owner claimed they boiled the broth for many hours everyday thou I doubt they put in proper effort to ensure the quality do match with the hours it took to be prepared.

♥♥♥ Cabbage Kimchi
♥♥♥♥ Radish Kimchi

This restaurant serves one of the best radish kimchi in Seoul. Try it if you’re lucky to spot it on the day of visit. The variety of kimchi changes upon seasonal vegetables are made by the cooks themselves.


???????????There is a big menu on the wall with translation to english and japanese so its a tourist friendly shop. Prices stated are at time of visit, may subject to change.

봉 설렁탕 갈비탕
Open 24 hours
☎ 02-313-9181

Tasted on 02112013

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