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웃뜨르 우리돼지에서

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This is a Black Pork BBQ speciality shop in Jeju, Jeju-si. Chanced upon it while trying to get dinner for hungry tummies!
Its a 2 minute walk away from December Hotel, a 10 minute drive from Jeju International Airport.

♥♥♥♥ Black Pork BBQ (ala carte)

I ordered the most basic set of bbq meat platter and it comes with a set of refillable banchan (appetizers and assorted vegetable basket).

♥♥♥ Kimchi Jjigae

Who can leave Korea without having this at least once!? I love the soup spicy and robust of kimchi goodness. Only downside – there really was too much kimchi in it and other ingredients were totally soaked with only kimchi flavour, losing its own taste.


♥♥♥♥ Overall (Approximately $50 for 3 person)

I highly recommend this shop! Place is clean and the staff is very kind to help you if you need an extra hand looking after your precious meat grilling while you chomp down on your food. Just like my tag, this shop is definitely a BIG HIT  for its Value for Money authentic black pork barbecue meat. Thick and juicy is all I can describe the meat. Try it and you will love it too~

*Note: This shop is frequent by locals. It will be an advantage if you can read and speak basic korean language as the bbq platter sets menu are written on the walls around. Their printed menu is only available upon request. There is no BBQ buffet offered like we have alot in the Korean shops in Singapore, there’s only ala carte sold here. Payment by cash is preferred.

웃뜨르 우리돼지에서
제주특별자치도 제주시 연동 261-57
☎ 010 5696 4229


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