Glamorous Beauty Nail Salon

This is a new nail parlour opened in March 2014, at the Bishan North Shopping Mall. Saw its opening and decided to give it a try and I received an opening discount of 20% off.

25032014 Bohemian Rhapsody


I do my pedicures more often than my manicures due to job restrictions and hence for such a long time, I’ve been searching for a caring and comfortable manicurist who does pedicure well.
Yes, it sounds strange but most of the time manicurist do their manicures better than pedicures and I don’t understand why since its all the same nails.

I was attended by a full-time staff, rather young looking but upon chatting I found out that she had many years experience prior. (Don’t remember her actual name, she introduced herself by the short – Cher) I was happy with her service being attentative and mostly not rushing through. I hated it when a manicurist do a brief job when I paid for a full service.

I went for the Classic Nail Service (Nail polishs by O.P.I) and had full set of nail art.
First, I was treated to a foot massage and scrub that gave my sore feet a refreshed and cleansed of dead skins. Her skill was confortable yet with vigour, not too heavy and painful on my muscles. Then comes the cleaning of cuticles which I so dread everysince I bleed once during a pedicure session elsewhere. What impressed me was her attitude to serve her customers! I gave her an idea I would like ethnic art or bohemian feel and she immediately searched thru her mobile for similar art works to confirm on my preferences. The first thing that came to my mind was the studious manicurist did her researches and homework always to keep updated and give her customers the best she could. I was really happy and then she made me even more delighted when I decided to let her work on my toes with her own creativity based on the theme I chose, showing me how awesome ideas she had with her. You can see above the detailed work of her hands! Its no feat as she took only 30 minutes to get all these done up! Super impressive speed which I hardly think other manicurists can achieve these in the same amount of time considering the number of layering she needed to do to create the patterns and constant addition of acrylic colours. What’s more I get to make sure I like it! She allowed refinement to be done upon my request if I did’t like it too. Overall, I can only say its really good! Its been a month since I visited but till now, my nail art are totally intact and as great as newly done :)

The lady boss appreciated feedbacks so you can always comment if there is anything you like them to improve on. They offer facial service as well in a backroom but I guess I’m more attracted to their manicures and pedicures still.

07052014 Aquatic Lines (courtesy of my mom’s feet)


24122014 Merry Christmas!

Dec2015 Twins Star2015-12-17-02.10.42-1.jpg.jpeg

Glamorous Beauty Nail Salon
Blk 284 Bishan Street 22 #01-203
Singapore 570284
☎ 6459 3590



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