December Hotel

This is the hotel I stayed in for 2 nights during my trip to Jeju for this itinerary Korea 9D8N. Reservation made on
*Take note this hotel only acccepts Korean currency in cash upon check in.

This hotel is authorised as GoodStay by the Korean Tourism Organisation.  Its pretty near Jeju airport, just a 5 minute drive away but the problem is most taxi drivers are not aware of this hotel. There were a few rounds I tried to get a cab back from different destinations and drivers could not find the hotel again resulting in detours around the area. Drive to Seogwipo area is about 45 minutes to 1 hour long.

There are plenty of eateries and 24hr convenient stores around the area so there are no worries you might starve. Check out the nearby 웃뜨르 우리돼지에서, a black pork bbq specialist shop using charcoal to produce an aromatic bbq experience! Shopping is also available in this district such as the famous brand – Bean Pole, and other various fashion shops are worth visiting.

Well, rather than a hotel, this is more like a higher end motel. The small building has several levels only and every level has limited rooms. The hotel does not have its own cafeteria so you would need to have breakfast outside. The owner and receptionist can speak simple and fluent english. They are quite friendly and they will try to help you if you need recommendations to attractions.

The room I have been allocated looks quite cosy but the floors are not cleaned out thoroughly. I am doubtful if they had washed the bedsheets carefully too. The cleaniness can be improved further but if you are not picky, this is still do-able. It offers one of the cheapest hotel rates in Jeju-si and is safe enough at the same time. Basic toiletries like shampoo and bath gel is provided in a dispenser, as well as a few bath towels and refilled toilet paper. You can find hair-dryer and a mini refridgerator available for use too.

Overall, its not too bad a place to stay for short trips especially for backpackers or if you are on a tight budget.
I give it ★★★☆ out of 5.

December Hotel
제주특별자치도 제주시 연동 260-58번지
☎ 064-745-7800



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