Apple Earl Grey Tea

Makes 1 portion of 330ml tea. (Regular small teapot)

100ml of Apple Cider (I use Somersby Apple Cider with 4.5% alcoholic content)
250ml of Water
1 tablespoon Brown Sugar
1 Earl Grey Teabag or 1 tablespoon of Earl Grey Tea Leaves
(I use Classic Earl Grey Teabag from Twinnings)

1 Bring 250ml of water to boil till 80 Degree Celsius.
2 Use a tea strainer in your teapot. Place the Earl Grey tea into the strainer and pour the apple cider over the teabag or tea leaves.
3 Then pour about 1/3 of the boiled water into the teapot over the strainer and let it simmer for about 15seconds.
4 Pour the tablespoon of brown sugar into the strainer.
5 Pour the remaining boiled water into the teapot through the strainer thoroughly going round in circles to infuse the flavour of the tea.

Ta-da! Easy to make and its slightly sourish apple taste goes well with any macaroon. (Avoid apple or earl-grey macaroon to enjoy the best out of the tea and macaroon.)

I use Somersby Apple Cider because its much more fragrant than any other alcoholic apple ciders I had ever and the low alcoholic content makes this tea a very light and relaxing beverage that’s suitable for any age. Alternatively you can use apple juice or slice an apple thin.


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