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Tai Cheong Bakery @ The Peak Galleria

This infamous bakery started since 1954 and has been making such delicious buttery crust egg tarts. The tarts get sold out easily with tourists usually buying in boxes but fred not, the bakery is always quick in replenishing freshly baked tarts from its own kitchen. Average queue time for its old shop in central is about 30mins +/- but here at the peak its fuss-free because you don’t even have to queue to get the lovely tarts.

The bakery sells two kind of crust for their egg tarts – tart crust & layer crust. Both are equally popular among the locals and tourists.
You can also find other cookies and little pastries on sale in the shop and this branch in the peak galleria offer drinks to go as well unlike their shop in central. Try out the promotion set of an egg tart(your choice of crust) with a refreshing soybean drink which compliments really well.

I was lucky to have spent my time in Hong Kong during their national day and guess what? Tai Cheong celebrates their country’s important day by giving out national day discounts of 15% off with no minimum purchase. The usual price of HKD$6 per tart is sold at HKD$5.10 each during this period.

Nevertheless, I highly recommend all travellers to check out the tarts from the original shop at 中環擺花街35號地下 just a few steps away from Pottinger Street. Despite the queue, its worthwhile to try out the slight difference in taste from its branch and central shop.

♥♥♥♥♥ Tart crust egg tart
♥♥♥♥ Layer crust egg tart

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