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Global Blue Card

Do you always get frustrated having to fill-in your particulars for every piece of tax refund form? With the Global Blue Card, you do not need to go through the hassle anymore!

Introducing to you the Global Blue Card that is issued by Global Blue Tax Refund.

Simply register here and key your particulars into Global Blue and save for future use.

Global Blue will send your card to you and you can swipe this card during the time of your payment at various authorised Global Blue linked shop worldwide.

There is an additional function if you choose to receive your refund payouts through credit card, simply save your credit card details into Global Blue beforehand, swipe the card at time of payment and mail out the stamped tax refund form. Its that simple and you don’t even have to queue!

Have you got yours? I had! I’m so surprised and nonetheless there are still so many out there that doesn’t know this card even exists right?

So kick that fuss out of you and get start on this pre-shopping preparation that’s going to save you time for even more shopping the next round when you travel overseas :)

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