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*Updated 9 June* Ideal Currency Exchange Rate

Updated 09062016

I want to give some help to Singaporeans who are not familiar with the money exchange rate. Here I have is the most ideal and minimum rates you should wait for buying. It does not mean the highest but it is reasonably higher than average and should you see this rate already and have plans to visit that country, you might want to exchange some of that currency to keep in hand. I am only familiar to certain currencies and will add to my list as much as possible when my experiences increase.

*DISCLAIMER All of the below is based on my experiences and opinions. Rates fluctuate depending on situations and not under my control. This is just a friendly guide for consideration. Updates will be made whenever I can, not reflected upon immediate act of rate change. All rates mentioned are aimed to be found for at a Money Exchange Service, does not apply to Forex.

Europe Euro – SGD$1.542 to 1 Euro

Euro settled a steady pace in its new financial year of 2016. Travellers going to european countries should worry more on safety than on the currency rates. Be vigilant always when travelling anywhere.

Japanese Yen – SGD$1 to 12.45 Yen

I bought my yen ever since it dropped to new low at a exchange of 10.89Yen per SGD$1 during early mid of 2015. Many friends regrettably missed the opportunity as they thought it would further drop to lower rate. The rates these months are showing the worst signs as Japanese economy slows down.

Korea Won – SGD$1 to 841 Won

Year 2015 was a turbulence for the Won. 2015 rides a roller coaster is a reflection of the instability of the economy. Its been a year of misfortune for them to encounter a great deal on MERS and to continue countering the problematic issues with North Korea. As well as its main goods exporting country China and neighbouring country Japan’s slowing down economy affects it directly, its proven a great watch must be taken if anyone wants to exchange larger amount whether for travelling or investment purposes. Join me on instagram #ljyessa as I kick a shot of soju and travel Seoul 15D14N (I know its long for just seoul itself) on a thorough journey of exploring Seoul and its vicinity as well as bath in the cherry blossom season.

Malaysia Ringgit – SGD$1 to 2.985 Ringgit

Although the good exchange rate is an advantage for Singaporeans and likewise any other currency to exchange to Ringgit, precautions for safety must be exercised. Many may want to go into JB or other states for a June holidag getaway and this is a time where crowds concentrate in places vulnerable to the acts of terrorism or robbery.

Thailand Baht – SGD$1 to 25.2 Thai Baht

The fluctuation for Thai Baht is quite slow so usually there are no quick rise or drop in rate for this currency. The lowest range can usually be seen at around SGD$1 to 23.2 Thai Baht and highest average above 24.5 Thai Baht. The rate of 25baht have been lingering for quite awhile so beware and expect a drop when the country’s election resume.

Taiwan Dollar – SGD$1 to 22.8 New Taiwan Dollar

For many years, the Taiwan Dollar’s rate inflates very slow and gradually. Example 10 years ago the highest you can exchange for was 24.5 New Taiwan Dollar to the lowest may be 22.3 New Taiwan Dollar. But during the recent 5 years, rates don’t go higher or lower that drastically anymore, hanging around 22 New Taiwan Dollar. Navigating Taiwan is as easy as a breeze, check out my Taipei known Taipei thoroughly itinerary suitable for first-time goers!


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