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KR Pass – Korea Rail Pass

KR Pass (Korea Rail Pass)

This ticket is exclusively for the use of foreign travelers. Travelers may purchase a KR Pass voucher (e-ticket) from overseas distributors or from the KORAIL English homepage. Travelers booking the KR Pass online will receive an e-ticket via email, which must be exchanged for a KR Pass upon arrival in Korea. Each KR Pass may only be used within the designated period of time, as specified by each ticket type.
KR Pass holders can travel for free on all trains managed by KORAIL (including the high speed KTX trains). There are no limits on the frequency of travel or travel area. Please note, however, that KR Pass is not eligible for use on subways or tour trains.

• KR Pass Limitation of Use

Passengers using KR Pass cannot be designated general seating on KTX, Saemaeul (새마을), or Mugunghwa (무궁화) trains during major Korean holidays and peak seasons, such as Lunar New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, summer vacation, and New Year’s. However, standing room may be offered if available. The KR Pass is only available for non-Korean citizens who have spent less than six months in Korea. Korean visitors (including Korean compatriots in Japan) possessing green cards (permanent residency) or long-term business visas are eligible for the KR Pass

Time Period NORMAL Pass SAVER Pass YOUTH Pass
Adults 2~5 people ages 13-25
1 days use 58,200 52,400 46,600
3 days use 84,600 76,100 67,700
5 days use 127,000 114,300 101,600
7 days use 160,400 144,400 128,300
10 days use 185,100 166,600 148,100

• NORMAL Pass: Individual KR Pass for use by adults and children
• SAVER Pass: For groups of 2 to 5. Each group member’s information (full name and passport number) must be given at the time of reservation.
• YOUTH Pass: For passengers holding a valid International Student Identification Card.

KR PASS Usage Procedure

01. Purchase Voucher or E-ticket

Make your reservation online at the KORAIL homepage and print out your e-ticket. Your payment information will be collected when you make your reservation, but your account will not be charged until you exchange your e-ticket for your KR Pass upon arrival in Korea. Reservation Purchase the KR Pass Voucher at appointed travel agencies outside of Korea.

02. Exchange Your E-ticket or Voucher for your KR Pass

At the time of exchange, present your passport, e-ticket, and the credit card used on payment. At the time of exchange, present your passport and voucher.

You may exchange your e-ticket/voucher for a KR Pass at major KORAIL stations in Korea.

• Major Stations and KR Pass inquiries
Incheon Airport Railroad Information Center + 82-32-741-7788, + 82-2-3149-2973
Seoul Station +82-2-3149-2024
Busan Station + 82-51-440-2506
• For more information (Hours: 08:00-22:00)
Tel: +82-1599-7777 (English) / e-mail:

03. Seat appointment

KR Pass holders can use the general seats of all KORAIL trains free of charge (including KTX, Saemaeul and Mugunghwa trains but excluding subways and tourist trains).
* First Class – 50% discount for first class seats
* KTX Cinema – charged only 7,000 won for movie separately


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