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One Dim Sum

Tasted on 2 October 2013

The famed shop is a favorite to its locals and also foreigners who knows good stuff. It’s always full house and you can almost never escape queuing. One dim sum has a few branches in Hong Kong but this one at Prince Edward is exceptionally good. All the dim sums and dishes offered are sincere and hearty to the stomach. I love it here!

Don’t be surprised to find yourself constantly comparing the small and cramped shop with a restaurant after eating here. You might just not help wandering why the food standards here are as good as restaurant quality and its fuss-free what you get is authentic local dim sum.


For travellers who can’t read chinese, its important you note there will be a compulsory charged of 3HKD for refillable chinese tea for every customer. So drink it up and avoid calling for the sodas and other beverages. You need to know its the best beverage to accompany dim sum.

There are more new and seasonal dishes offered written instore so you really have to keep your eyes wandering around the walls once you enter. Since its a known culture in Hong Kong that sharing tables cannot be avoided, I’m sure not all would be comfortable with this. Sharing a table and eating with strangers is not everyone’s thing so only suggestion is to do a takeaway from here. Fortunately, they still taste alright if you eat the takeaway straight once you reach your hotel/hostel.

Rated ♥♥♥♥♥


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