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The Cityview

Stayed 30092013-05102013 in Premier room – 18th Floor, no. 1885

Rated ♥♥♥♥

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On first impression, this 3 star hotel is a value for money. First, its situated in the heart of Yau Ma Tei. You barely need to walk a minute to reach the Yau Ma Tei MRT station. In its heartland, there are plenty of eateries and restaurants around so you don’t have abit to worry. What’s more its close to Mongkok and Jordan area just a 10-15 minutes walk away from the food heavens (Its accessible to Ladies’ market and the Temple Street Night Market on foot which means great for any budget traveler to save on transport fee!!). Anytime if you need your boost of fast food, MacDonald’s and Yoshinoya is opened till late night. Spoilt a luggage or need to get a new one? There are shops selling luggage along Yau Ma Tei! Necessities can also be easily bought at the budget shops, or Mannings (Singapore’s Guardian pharmacy store), 7-eleven and other small scale market stalls around. Shopping is a breeze too. There are fashionable clothing for both men and women. There seem to be many sales and its recommended to you not to miss out. Another good alternative would be down to the Ladies’ market or Trendy Zone that caters for Youngsters.


Other than the hotel’s strategic location, I love it for its cleanliness and spacious choice of furniture placement in the lobby. The staff at the front desk, concierge, door man, bell boy, restaurant workers and cleaning ladies are also well mannered. I was given a free upgrade from a deluxe to a premier room on the 18th floor during my stay. There wasn’t much view except the clear view of the hotel’s own tennis court and swimming pool (didn’t see any guests use it thou). There are the usual, like air-conditioning, LCD television, all toiletries, electric water kettle, clothes’ hangers, towels and even magazines. Only thing to complain? The toilet is small.

The cleaning lady comes promptly every morning about 9.30am or 10am. She will greet politely in English before entering the room to prevent an impromptu enter. I happen to see the same lady cleaning the 18th floor for the mornings and so I regard the clean room and tidy beds were her hard work. All used toiletries and tissues were replenished as well as rubbish bins emptied. In Hong Kong, they promote greener environment and I really think this is so important as we have seriously bad global warming. I would choose to tidy my shopping hunts every night and take out plastic bags, pack them neatly and hand it to her next morning for re-use. I was here with a friend and we decided to tip her (we gave her a HKD$10 note as we are also unsure how much tipping is usually required). Take note this is our opinion not a compulsory act.

Not to forget, the hotel have this great dinner buffet that changes menu almost every monthly. Be sure to check out their promotions online first and book early as there may be discounts for pre-booking. They were awarded the Cordon Bleu in 2010 and several other report reviews. Do try it out! Its not cheap but definitely worth the money when you can get things like oysters, crabs and other good stuffs below around $80 with no capped limit how much you can eat! Just fill yourself happy and high with all the nice and scrumptious delights :)

Don’t want to travel to the airport with your heavy luggage? The hotel has a catered shuttle service (which means it hires coach service to work for the hotel) to the Hong Kong International Airport cost HKD$140 per person. Its a one-way non-stop trip to Terminal 1 on a 45 minute ride. The coach is comfy and the bus driver is friendly too. You can choose to tip or not the bus driver for his safe driving and storing your luggage in his coach. It is not a must. I took this service and was greeted with a glitch while waiting for the coach in the hotel, the bus was out of order and had to wait for the next one in another 20 minutes. Luckily I had planned ahead of time and there was plenty of time to spare. I still managed to get to the airport easily around my scheduled time. Worthy of mention, the hotel staff was so nice to come round apologize, explaining the situation and suggested other ways if we were unable to wait for the next coach to come. I think the thoughtfulness made up for the glitch alot.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself this trip staying here in Cityview!

Do note the hotel requires a refundable deposit of HKD$500 upon check in.

The Cityview
23 Waterloo Road Yaumatei, Kowloon, Hong Kong
800 120 5806


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