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Temple Street Fermented Smelly Bean Curd

Tasted on 03102013


Rated ♥♥♥

This has always been one of my favorite foods. Known as the “Chou Dou Fu” to the Chinese, the fermented smelly beancurd whiffs a scent of smelliness that comes from its fermentation. It is usually a line between love and hate that’s before eating and after eating it. For all first timers, give it a try at the shop along the street just a few steps’ walk away from the entrance of Temple Street Night Market. (Walk to your right when facing the entrance of Temple Street Night Market) This shop makes their fermented smelly beancurd not so overpowering and the beancurd is fried fragrant and crispy on the outside while maintaining its savory and moist taste inside. Personally, as I am accustomed to this food, I feel its not smelly enough to be a fermented smelly beancurd but nonetheless, it would really be a good go for all the tourist to have some snacks here. Recommended by the friendly boss of the shop, you should try out his special mix of chili sauce. This condiment left me curious and kept wanting for more. Its colour isn’t the usual red, is more orange and not too spicy too. It tastes a little sweet (suspect there’s sugar added) and also something else that makes it so unique unlike anything I had before. The shop opens till midnight like the Temple Street Night Market so you can fix your snacking habit or recharge your energy for shopping later on. The shop also sells other deep fried foods, braised soy-sauce products and many more. Also try the sugarcane juice freshly squeezed out of sugarcane just in front of you that’s pure and thirst quenching. (No sugar or water added!) If you come here in the day, there will be other cooked foods on sale as well.

Miss this iconic dish of the chinese people? You can also settle your crave for the fermented smelly beancurd in Singapore’s Chinatown or anywhere at China’s street vendors.


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