Habitat Coffee


♥ Mama’s Banana Pancakes

The portion was hearty for the stomach but the caramelised banana was not so well done. Generally it was a tad too dry as well. If the pancake could be a little moist and caramelised banana sweeter, more hearts would be given for this.

 Bruschetta (no hearts for this! not recommended)

They used 5-grains baguette which I was quite pleased this was a healthier variation. What was bad is the meagre tomatoes and bits of cheese found, and also the lack of an aromatic garlic bread base. A bruschetta is basically what I call a garlic bread with garnishes. This rendition simply did not have a buttery spread of garlic and the tomato was definitely unripe, it had this really green and raw taste. To make a good bruschetta, I would use ripen tomatoes for full flavour and not to mention, slightly more cheese than what they had. More effort expected! It is not worth the penny spent :(

♥♥ Waffle Sunrise

A good way to start off the day with eggs and waffles. Its a super delightful waffle cooked up and you can choose to have your eggs whipped up in any style you like. Had here is, scrambled eggs. Overall its just alright only, I wouldn’t come here just to have this.

♥♥ Café Latte

A warm cup of latte really sets the day apart from busy to relaxed. Somewhere through the making of this cup of coffee may not have done well enough, there was a lack of the coffee bean aroma. Also, more effort could have been put in for the cookie, to have a home baked instead of buying instant Lotus Brand caramel biscuit.

Rated ♥♥

Ambience was good and the shop had a moderate pace feel in contrast to the usual hot weather and busy street outside that makes one frustrating even glacing at. More effort is expected on the foods served to attract me back to this cafe.

Opening Hours 11am-10.30pm Tues-Fri (closed on mon)

Habitat Coffee
223 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574355
☎ 6456 2567


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