Grilled Chicken Panini

1 chicken fillet
1 panini bread
2 leafs of lettuce
2 slice of tomato
1 tablespoon cream cheese / 1 cheese slice

(*optional: butter)

Marinade Sauce (for chicken fillet)
1 teaspoon sugar
5 tablespoon terriyaki sauce
2 dash of sesame oil


  1. Place chicken fillet and marinade sauce in a bowl and leave in refridgerator for marinating about 1 hour.
  2. Grill the marinated chicken fillet onto a pan till nicely charred and golden brown. (Variation: my chef friend likes to fry the marinated chicken fillet brieftly before pan grilling it with left over marinated sauce. I find its too much of a hassle although it did taste better.)
  3. Use a frying pan, cut panini into halves and face the inside of bread onto the pan for toasting about 2 mins. (Variation: you may want to spread some butter before doing so).
  4. Spread cream cheese onto both sides of panini halves. If you use cheese slice, melt cheese onto half a panini.
  5. Stack 1 panini at the bottom, followed by the chicken fillet, then slices of tomato, next top with leafs of lettuce (if you like to have more vegetables you might want to add spinach/rockets/capsicums), then finish with the final layer of the remaining panini half.

*This recipe is also great for making a tapas. Take note for step 2, cut the chicken fillet into ranch style after grilling.

Cook up & Enjoy!


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