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Pratunam Wholesale Market


Bask in the local flavours right here in Pratunam wholesale market. This place is infamous for its wholesale of clothings. Most sellers require you to buy a minimum of 3 of the same design(you can mix colours) inorder to enjoy the wholesale rate. Buying in bulk of 10 will be another cheaper rate and so are any other bigger quantities. The wholesales here are mainly ladies’ fashion clothings. There are also a few shops that sells accessories, bags, shoes, kids apparel and men’s clothings. Right out of the pratunam street, you can find Platinum Mall and Pantip Mall just across the main road. If you stay in hotels like The 93 Hotel or Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Pratunam wholesale market is just down the street, that accessible! There are so many blogs that featured the wholesale market so I’m not going to write up on that. If you love foods, read ahead :)


I like to recommend you to try the foods from street vendors along Pratunam too. I have a rather weak stomach but I survived the foods here, so it means its quite clean still. There is a shop house selling wonton mee and braised pork rice that is so good (I was so busy eating that I totally put off my mind that pictures are needed!) that you really got to try. The most apparent sign is, you would see 2 stalls of people, 1 stall with large variety of braised products in their window display and another a stall with the chef cooking the noodles needed for wonton mee openly. One of the waitress here knows Chinese, as well as a little English and Malay too. The menus are pasted over the walls in the shop interior, or alternatively, just point to the waitress what your neighbours sitting beside you ate (do not mind the shop is small and seats are near each other, the people here are a mix of tourist and the locals but they are all as friendly). Payment can be made after you end your meal. Me and my holiday kakis met this middle-age couple who came from Malaysia claimed they have been frequenting this shop for the past ten years already. The taste is awesome and I can see why its favored by many. Singaporeans and Malaysians coming here will be quite accustomed to the food (honestly it taste even better than ours).


I love fruits! I always eat them during my overseas’ trips.

You should see alot of street vendors selling fruits, an assorted selection of various tropical produce and other seasonals. There are 2 kinds, 1 that offers cut fruits and another that sells the whole fruit itself uncut. I have some good and safe suggestions to all since Bangkok is usually very hot in weather and that spells contamination of food faster. Catch the night truck if you ever pastby 7-11 convenience shop! They sell fruits fresh and cheaper too.

Buying whole fruits are usually safe but you should be picky and choose the ones that are not too ripe if you intend to keep some throughout your journey. I bought cherries and mangoes yet despite the fact that I left them in the refrigerators, they just ripen much quicker than in Singapore.
As to buying cut fruits, that is actually fine too. Don’t be put off by the idea if you are someone who don’t trust cut fruits. Just buy whatever the stall vendor is cutting up at that moment and it should be very fine. Try out the mangoes, guava, jack fruit and watermelons.

Another must-try is the featured below! Crispy pancake – one of my likes in Bangkok, Thailand.


There are 2 stalls selling crispy pancake facing the main road. You will see people queuing so don’t forget to look out for this must-try foodie!


They have a small signboard that’s pretty overlooked by people rushing to pass by. A smaller signboard attached shows many thai celebrities who also visited their stall.

There are plenty of toppings to choose from, savouries and sweets can all be expected. A few choices of syrups and sauces are also available. Our kakis tried the Nutella & Banana that cost 60 thai baht. The picture above is sausage & floss, cost 50 thai baht. Try your own various mix-match of flavours!


The making of crispy pancake in progress…



Ta-da! Its done preppy and warm. Savour and enjoy!

To know more about where else I visited and what I ate, check out my itinerary here.


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