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Intent White Butterfly @ Asiatique, The Riverfront


Visited: 11/07/2013

I went to their shop in Asiatique that specializes in spa products, essential oils, essences, therapy products and etc. The product I want to recommend is these featured in the pictures – Natural Scented Soap. They carry a variety of natural fragrance like strawberry, ylang ylang, jasmine, mixed fruity, green tea, lavender and more. Price is 3 soaps for 250 thai baht. Its a great gift idea for family and friends anytime. And also, I bought their air diffuser that was sold for 450 thai baht. Among the many essences, I chose the cranberry scent (a sweet and not overpowering but comfortable scent). I highly recommend this place :)

Rated ♥♥♥♥

Chatuchak Weekend Market
Room 034-035, Section 4, Soi 47/2 Gate 25, Bangkok, Thailand

Asiatique The Riverfront
Room 1110-1117, Warehouse 1, Trok 3, Bangkok, Thailand

☎ +662-510-3964 ☎ +6684-115-2970 ☎ +6681-372-1172


5 thoughts on “Intent White Butterfly @ Asiatique, The Riverfront

    1. Hi Janet! As to your enquiry, I’m sorry I am not a representative of their company. Not sure about that. Maybe you can try contacting them directly for more details! Hope it works out for you ;)

    1. Hi Irene.
      Unfortunately you can’t do a purchase online and request for international shipping. Products are mainly wholesale or purchase in their retail.

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