Seribu Sari Indonesian Restaurant Hi-Tea Buffet @ Rendezvous Grand Hotel

Visited on 29 July 2013

A beautifully wood-furnished restaurant interior with a taste of true Indonesian style.

Expect only 1 row of buffet spread for the hi-tea buffet. Although the variety is not as much as a full fledge buffet, it is still sufficient to feed your hunger if you missed your lunch. This hi-tea spread includes assorted kuehs savoury and sweet, 2 pots of dessert (it was bubur pulut hitam and banana pengat for the day we visited, not sure if they do change menu on a basis), chicken curry, 2 pots of soup (beef ball soup and mee soto soup), additional self-service noodle station for the curry and soups, tahu goring and some others. While you pass every dish you will find a bowl of sauce/condiment, make sure you remember to add some to the food taken. It is an extra boost to the flavours.


Create your own curry chicken noodles! Choose from your choice of Kuey Teow (flat rice vermicelli) and yellow noodles, then pour over a few scoops of chicken curry. Don’t forget the tender chicken pieces that has well soak up the goodness of the curry. Add some extra shredded chicken from the mee soto section if you love an extra portion of meat.


The beef ball soup is a must-try. A tad too salty to drink on its own, I recommend customers to add some noodles to make it a main course. Plenty of meatballs in the soup so you don’t have to worry you don’t get any piece of the good-thing. If ever it runs out, the chef replenishes the food really quick within seconds.


This is the sweet kueh station. The savoury ones or more filling kind were placed as main dishes on its own. My take is, try one of every kueh first unless you already know what you only want to eat. As I do have the habit of eating kuehs once awhile for teatime, I enjoyed almost all of them. They are less sweet and not heavy for the stomach so its easy to down a few at a go. The hi-tea buffet is quite worth the value since buying just a kueh in local shops already cost a buck or more. If you can eat lots of kuehs, this should be your next haunt out (Not that I know of any other kueh buffets).


Very recommended!! The restaurant’s take on Bubur pulut hitam, filled with potful of black glutinous rice cooked till so soft and creamy, not so sweet and you can adjust the texture further by adding your own preferred amount of coconut milk provided.


You will be served a complimentary cup of Indonesian coffee for every hi-tea buffet here. Honestly, I am too used to drinking American coffee or coffee made from Arabican beans. I did not enjoy this taste at all unfortunately. The coffee stages a smoked smell upon entering my mouth and leaves without a hinge of coffee aroma. Well, any takers for this coffee?

Rated ♥♥♥

Rendezvous Grand Hotel Singapore
9 Bras Basah Road

How to get there?
Exit Dohby Gaut Station and head towards McDonald House direction. Cross the street and you should pass by The Cathay and SOTA. Rendezvous Grand Hotel is just across the street. Take the escalator to the 3rd level and Seribu Sari Indonesian Restaurant is straight ahead.

Seribu Sari Indonesian Restaurant

Open daily 11am-10pm
Reservation ☎ +65 6335 1871/72


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