Singapore Chinese Rojak

The word ‘Rojak’ which means mixed together, is a great delicacy found in Singapore and a must try during your visit. Its savoury and rough textures is one dish so interesting you will probably get hooked onto. This featured is Singapore’s Chinese version of the Singapore Indian’s ‘Gado Gado’. Try getting the rojak at the kopitiams (local’s way of calling their hawker centers) or at major shopping mall’s foodcourts.


Expect to find lots of chopped roasted peanuts coating the fried dough fritters, dried beancurd pockets, raw cucumber, bean sprouts and raw crunchy turnip tossed in asam paste. The rojak is mixed in a rojak bowl and you can choose to have it original or have the hawker mix in some chili paste for a kick of spiciness.


Over the many years, hawkers have come up with new variations for rojak and now you can find additional toppings are added to the rojak for a better flavour and texture of the dish.

Toppings like preserved century egg, mango, roasted dried cuttlefish and such are one of the top favourites of Singaporean customers. Try any and be attracted to this very local dish of Singapore!


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