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Myung-Ga Korean BBQ

I have been here several times and the boss is always nice and friendly! Food’s not expensive too, very affordable as compared to some other famous overpriced Korean cuisine restaurants. I highly recommend anyone nearby this area to come try out. You will be attracted to its kimchi too! Yummilicious ~

Upon entering, you will immediately see lots of these kind of metal plate covering in the middle of every table. Open this and you can bbq your meats here.


Look at the number of banchan (side dish) the restaurant provide!

This is one of the reason why I want to recommend this! Even if you come alone and just order a bibimbap, the boss is really nice to give the same amount of banchan too. They never try scrimping on this :) Very authentically Korean. If its ever not enough, just request for more and the waiters will gladly refill it again for you. Types of banchan also changes according to seasonal vegetables available.


Must try banchan includes their kimchi, braised potato, potato salad, mayo fruit salad and braised lotus root. The taste is very suited for a Singaporean palate.


I ordered Samgyupsal (3-layer pork as what singaporeans usually call it) and So Gogi (marinated beef).

I ate their dolsot bibimbap (stone-pot rice) twice and I half like and dislike it. Again ingredient portions were generous but I find the rice too moist. It wasn’t burnt enough for me to enjoy scorched rice that I can mix with the bowl of soup provided after I finish most of it. This is the authentic way to enjoy a bowl of dolsot bibimbap. If you are also like me, you can request to the waiters or the boss to cook your rice till it has a crisp outer layer. Too bad I realised I can request only after chatting with the boss at the end of my meal :( Good for you out there though, now that you know it.


The doenjang haemultang (soybean paste seafood soup) is a good way to warm your stomach if its a rainy day. You can feel the chef’s sincerity in this dish. Again, ingredients are plenty, you find prawns, squids, clams, tofu, squash and other veggies in this 1-person portion. (If you come in a group, this can be shared among 3 person)

Other than ala carte menu, they have promotions like set lunch, sets for 2-3 person, set dinner and such as well.

If you come during lunch, you will enjoy a 20% discount (subject to change without notice).

Do visit! Its a nice place to fill up your tummy anytime if you pass by here.


No. 1, Jalan Bestari 5/2, Taman Nusa Bestari, Skudai, Johor, Skudai, 81300

(If you get off the bus at Bukit Indah’s Giant Hypermart travelling from Singapore, walk straight and you will pass by a music school “Forte Music Studio”, then turn at the corner to enter the street. Myung-Ga Korean BBQ is the first shop on the left.)


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