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DIY Manicure – Classic Hot Nails

♥Courtesy of my aunt’s hand

This nail design is an all-time classic that is perfect for any occasion.

What you need:
☆Nail base coat
☆Nail top coat (Nail coats all from The Face Shop)
☆Chili red colour nail polish (Eleanor 004 – can be found from Sasa beauty shops)
☆Silver glitter powder / nail polish (Etude House LUCIDarling 03)

Step by step:
1. Put on base coat for every nail.
2. Apply chili red colour nail polish and wait till almost dry.
3. Dap silver glitter or paint silver glitter nail polish at the tips of your nails.
4. Apply a top coat and wait till dry.
*optional – If you like your nail design to last longer, you can apply another layer of top coat.

Hope you had a fun time trying out :)


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