McDonald’s @ Bishan Park

Fancy a cup of coffee but all your usual hunts for coffee have closed for the day? No worries. Get your feet down to the nearest 24-hr opened McDonald’s for a brew. They also sell snacks like cakes and cinnamon donut bites to go along with your coffee too.


♥♥ Cappucino

A super large cup at $5+ only, enough caffeine to last you the whole night!

I have drank various like café latte, mocha latte, cappuccino(above picture), regular coffee from Singapore’s McDonald’s and I think there’s nothing I should ever complain about. This is really paying what you get. The price that comes with a cup of McDonald coffee is much cheaper than at Starbucks or any other famous coffee brewers. I may sound a little work up, aren’t I? That’s because I encountered this lady before me who tried to get a refund and make a ruckus with the poor barista. She claimed the coffee wasn’t done in the standard she expect. Well, seriously I don’t see what’s the problem with McDonald’s standard if we are all paying only that amount of money. I know that some may say even if so, quality shouldn’t be compromised when profits are lower. My take is: Don’t complain that your coffee is made of low quality beans or the barista has lousy skills and whatsoever poor excuse to get your refund from the poor staff after you almost finish your drink. Just think about the cup of brew whether it justifies with the value you pay. If you are acting so almighty high class, then don’t make your way down to a fast food restaurant for perfect coffee. Get yourself some blue mountain coffee instead that can easily cost $30 and above a cup. Drink up and chill!


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