Singapore Cricket Club

These round’s feature is Singapore Cricket Club’s dessert selection on cakes. You can only try these if you have access to the Singapore Cricket Club restaurant by its membership. If you do have any acquaintance who holds the membership here, it will be a great dessert time or cosy ladies’ hi-tea gathering spot.

No.1 on my list is …


♥♥♥♥♥ Chocolate Mud Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream in caramel sauce

Almost any chocolate mud cake pairs well with vanilla ice cream. But this restaurant really puts in effort to ensure the mud cake is so warm and moist when serve and they give you a generous scoop of ice cream, soaked in an extra ooze of caramel sauce that adds a different kind of sweetness to the whole dessert.


♥♥♥♥ Durian Mousse Cake

I quite fancy Singapore Goodwood Park Hotel’s durian cakes and puffs. This is relatively on par with the standard of Goodwood Park Hotel’s but I didn’t rate it 5 hearts as I thought the taste wasn’t rich enough. The durian mousse is sweet and very light in texture, covering layers of vanilla sponges in equal proportions yet not overpower till you get sick of it. One person is capable of finishing the whole slice within a minute. Suitable for non-durian lovers.


♥♥♥♥ Chocolate Mousse Cake

Very rich and chocolaty taste it gives. The chocolate and chocolate mousse is so smooth and silky, it melts instantly in your mouth. Definitely every chocolate lovers’ must try!


♥ Mango cake

In comparison with the other cakes that are so good, this slice of mango cake really pales so much. I have eaten better mango cakes (will introduce where soon), I’m really hope the restaurant improve on this cake. I have no qualms on the mango, it was ripe and sweet. However, the cake itself was a let-down. Perhaps the chef wasn’t in a good mood when making this? This tasted like I could get it anywhere in any neighbourhood’s nearby bakery shop that bakes quantity more than quality. Maybe they should focus on their speciality of making mousse cakes – probably strawberry mousse cake? or mango mousse cake? or orange mousse cake? or even a Singaporean version of South Korea’s sweet potato mousse cake?


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