Hallasan National Park

hallasan national park overview

※ Hallasan National Park Hiking Time Info.

 Course  Control Station Winter Spring
Nov Oct
Mountain   Entrance  Eorimok 어리목  Eorimok entrance ticket box 12:00 14:00
 Witseoreum control center 13:00 13:30
 Yeongsil 영실  Hiking course control center 12:00 14:00
 Seongpanak 성판악  Jindalraebat control center 12:00 12:30
 Saraoreum 사라오름  Saraoreum control center 15:00 15:30
 Gwaneumsa 관음사  Sangakbong peak shelter 12:00 12:30
 Eoseungsaengak 어승생악  Eorimok entrance ticket box 16:00 17:00
 Donnaeko 돈내코  Hiking entrance info center 10:00 10:30
 Witseoreum 윗세오름 15:00 16:00
 Dongneung Peak 동능정상 13:30 14:00
 Nambyeok junction 남벽분기점 14:00 14:30

Open all year round

※  Entrance to Hallasan National Park
06:00  – Winter season (Nov – Feb)
05:30 – Spring and Autumn season (Mar, Apr, Sept, Oct)

Closed Entrance prohibited during bad weather

Admission Fees Free

Available Facilities Campsite (Gwaneumsa Temple area), hiking trails, mountain shelthers, visitor center (entrance of Eorimok Trail), restrooms, shower price [adult-600won]

Hiking Course
Eoseungsaengak course Eorimok – Eoseungsangak Peak 1.3km / 30 mins each way

Yeongsil course Yeongsil – Nambyeok Bungijeom 5.8km / 2 hrs 30 mins each way

Eorimok course Eorimok – Nambyeok Bungijeom 6.8km / 3 hrs each way

Seongpanak course Seongpanak – Dongneung Peak 9.6km / 4 hrs 30 mins each way

Gwaneumsa course Gwaneumsa Temple – Dongneung Peak 8.7km / 5 hrs each way

How   to get there
Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal – Eorimok
Take Bus 1100 (Jeju, Yeongsil, Jungmun), and get off at the entrance of Eorimok Trail.
Bus schedule: 08:00, 09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:20, 13:40, 15:00
(April-October: two additional buses are operated at 6:30 and 16:00)
Travel time: 35min
Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal – Seongpanak
Take Road Bus 5.16 (Jeju, Seongpanak, Seogui), and get off at Seongpanak.
Bus schedule: 06:00-21:30, 10-15min intervals
Travel time: 30min

For more information and other modes of travelling to Hallasan National Park, visit this link


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