La Petite Cuisine

La Petite Cuisine – which means the little kitchen. Literally like its name, most food portions are petite. Nothing appealing about the shop and seatings are very limited. Its a small shophouse along Thomson road where you can also find numerous cafes, ice creameries and other various restaurants that are hauled famous. The waitresses do not provide the best service, so if you have been to France and know how it is to eat out at anywhere in France getting pissed by the serving crew, it really felt like you were transported there instantly. The only attraction to come here, give credits to the taste of the food and mainly – SAUCES. Its just strange how bad this place is but yet charismatically attracts me back to put up with these.

After ordering, you get a hot mini baguette and some butter as starter. It will take some time for your food to get ready so come only when you have a really good mood or with patient accompany. I have only tried the house-pour white wine at $13 per glass, nothing good or bad, just a drink to get you whisk off some time on your watch. By this time, the food is ready and served warm.

The first looks of the food is alright. And I really meant JUST ALRIGHT! You wouldn’t cite ‘Wow/Whoah/Excellent/Looks Delicious’ kind of comment upon the first impression. Start digging in and you will be filled with amazement for getting all deceived by them. The soul of every dish is the sauce, done all so perfect and complimented well the fresh ingredients.


Left: ♥♥♥♥♥ Escargot in sauce with croissant and greens $14

The escargot with croissant and greens is a must try in this restaurant. Singapore don’t have much places that serve good escargot, many of which gives off a soaked in soil taste and so badly need to be covered in lots of buttered garlic spread even if cooked by the top chefs. Having tasted really good and authentic escargot in France, my taste buds can be considered, trained a notch better in appreciating this snail dish. Fred not, this is a really good cook up, with 5 – 6 pieces of escargot well tossed in gravy and loaded onto the crisp croissant. I found the greens to be bitter, but if you mix some gravy in, it taste not only good but absolutely heavenly.

Right: ♥♥♥ Tuna steak with buttered rice $18

Miserable look it gives but yet another exciting burst of flavours you cannot deny (it looks like chinese roasted duck meat rice to me). This tuna steak (bite-sized steak) is so fresh. You cannot help wonder how they remove the fishy taste and only left it tasting sweet in every piece of fish meat without any marinade. Again, crudos to the sauce. This restaurant really filled me with awe for their sauces despite everything else I don’t fancy. The savoury onion gravy did its best in bringing out the fresh tuna flavours. The buttered rice is another that I cannot complain about. Not too oily and aromatic on its own. Conclusion? A relation of buttered rice + tuna + onion sauce that harmonises well.


Tiramisu cake – (add a $3.50 to top up your meal with a piece of cake)

I was quite disappointed in this. Considering the great variety of cakes, pastries and other confectionaries French patissiers and bakers can whip up anytime tasty, this was like an amateur trying on its luck to get an admirer. I honestly prefer restaurants to concentrate on their speciality than attempting to create something they are not so confident on. Forget this piece of cake. If you really need get desserts, there’s plenty of ice creams, muffins, cakes and such choices along the same row of shops doing a much better job.

Location: 227 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore


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